This week I am on the road again. It’s been awhile since I have taken a road trip on the bike to attend a meeting or to speak. I am headed out to the 2% Club’s monthly summit in Phoenix, AZ. If you want to join me there on Wednesday night, you can get more information by checking out the link below:

Even though I’m on the road, I still have things that I must get done. I tell my clients, and those that attend my events they must set up some daily habits to become successful at what they do. Well one of my daily habits is to get this blog written. I am not one of those people who hire someone to read and research my blog for me. I do it myself and it’s a very important habit to me. So I wanted to put out a theme this week of five habits that you should consider using to make your life and business successful.

Let’s start Monday off right and give you the first habit you should have if you want to change your world and become more successful. I believe you need to develop the habit of handling things as soon as you get them.

It takes time to get to the point that you are a success at this; let me give you an example. Imagine your inbox for email. Do you read the emails and handle each one as you get it? One of my mentors taught me I need to take care of things the moment they pass through my hands. Another way to put this is “keep your inbox clean.”

If you have an inbox on your desk that seems to always have a stack of papers in it, then this is a place to put this habit into action. Imagine how your world would be different if you made sure that things were not put off anymore. People also say when you get your snail mail, open it and handle whatever needs to be handled when you get it. Stop putting it off; stop the stacks of papers from coming in and holding you back.

I know for me, this is one of the hardest things to develop, and I’m still working on it. Each day I have many receipts from the meetings and expenses that I take on for my business. I am the worst at keeping records straight. We are working on a system for me to take a picture of each receipt and then saving the photos for proof. But my books are kept by someone who is more organized than I am.

Each of us has some system we need to build to become more organized. Today’s topic focuses on setting up a new habit for handling emails that need an immediate answer, building on that habit of taking care of it. Since I’m traveling this week, it’s hard to take phone calls. In fact, I’m rarely able to answer my phone at all because I’m often on the bike or in meetings and client sessions. My clients know to send an email or text to me and I will call within a few hours.

Whatever it is in your life that needs help, whatever needs for you to take on a new habit, it will bring you the change needed if you handle those things that can be handled right away, and done fast. It will not happen overnight, but start now and soon you will see fewer things get by you. Come back tomorrow for another habit to help you change to become successful.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Develop daily habits to become the successful RockStar in your world.





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Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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