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Good Tuesday morning to you. I am coming to you this week from the remote sitting area in my lovely bedroom at our home on the lake. I spend many hours of my week researching to make sure all my facts check out, to see what is out there in the world and if it applies to what I teach or to help me live a better life.

I was looking back yesterday at the year and how many of those we called a great celebrity or maybe just a famous or infamous person have died this past year.  I must say while researching the final information for the year, I was quite shocked to get a news feed come across my desk: “International RockStar found dead at 49.” I was shocked to hear the story of Jon Bon Jovi’s reported death, but relieved to find out it was not true.

But still this year we lost many people. Some it was good to hear about; other stories I was sad to hear. We all heard the news when it came out that Osama bin Laden had been captured and killed. For us here in America it was good news. I was sad when I heard the news of Janie Lane and Steve Jobs passing. But the one thing that is certain in life is the time will come when we all will pass.

Many of us live our lives like we believe we are going to live forever. We spend so much time talking about what we are going to do tomorrow; well the truth is tomorrow is always a day away. We have one today, here, now. I know you may believe you are going to live until you are 90 years old. If you are 89 now that is a good goal. But if you are in your late teens it’s time to get living now. You are not guaranteed tomorrow.

Life is a great thing and the hope of a better tomorrow is a great thing, but if you are doing nothing with your life today you are wasting away a precious thing you will never get back: TIME. As I get older, time is the most valuable thing to me. I don’t like to waste it on foolish things. I push many of my clients, my kids, those who trust me to use the time we have.

I spent some time talking with a young lady the other day and explaining to her the concept of time, how when I was her age I was worried over such small things as how I felt when someone pushed buttons I did not like. Then I explained that those things I was worried over did not seem to matter 20 years later.

So here is the magical question for today: When it comes to making the best use of your time on this earth, who do you believe? Many today do not trust their very own parents with the advice to help them grow. Many trust someone who scratches the itching ears to make them feel better. I’m going to hit you hard with this one. You may not have another day. So what are you doing to live your purpose out? What are you doing with that dream you have in your head? What passion are you chasing?

This year has been one of my best years. I have learned so much and 2011 will go down as a year of great things both in my personal and my business life. I believe better things are to come.  I really have nothing to base that hope on at times; my past is not a pretty or glamorous story. I failed some, I was hurt some, I lost some. But, hey, I won some, I found some, I was loved some, I succeeded some. So I look forward to a great future. Do I believe that I will be here forever? No, but I’ll be thankful for each day I get to live. I choose to believe in what I have now. I choose to use to build a better future for me and for those who trust in me.  Who do you believe when it comes to your life?

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Start to believe in what you really have today, to become the RockStar in your world.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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