Eltons cross_nAre you feeling like your life has gotten a little out of sync? This month I have felt that very same way. Early this month my plans were all set, I was going to start planning a west coast tour I called it.  As I mention a lot, motorcycle riding is a big part of my life, I don’t own a car anymore. Well this month im on the road a lot longer then planned. I was supposed to be in my home office this morning, writing this blog and to edit and put out some of the video blogs I recorded while away on my trip to the mountains of western Arkansas, and eastern Oklahoma. Well im not at home im in a small coffee shop in Mena AR. It has been a wonderful week of retreat up here in the mountains, last week at a christian motorcycle rally, hearing  seminars and services with great words of encouragement that helped me add to content I was creating for my group coaching. It has given me time away to be able to reflect on life and how blessed I truly am with the life I have been given.

On sunday while out for a fun ride with an old friend who moved up here, It became his time to be called from this world. I was going to say his time was cut short, but when its your time its your time. We all do not know when that time is for us, my friend Elton lived his life the way he wanted, he enjoyed each day he was given on this earth, loved his wife, loved his friends, loved his job.  While visiting with his boss, and wife this week, I found out more about him and how he truly was living his dream on this earth. It made me think how much I want to help people live the life he lived. To enjoy this life and live each and every moment that you have the breath to live.

So a little bit about Elton, I met him and his wife about a year ago in Dallas tx. We worked together with us in a local chapter of CMA, in Plano tx called The Faithriders. When we came to a fall rally up here last Oct, Elton heard of a job opening at CMA international office here in Mena Ar. He applied for the job and found he was most qualified for it. How ever I learned this week it came with a cut in pay. He still took the job because it was what he wanted to do, and he was able to serve in a ministry the his heart believed in.  The head of  CMA while visiting in a hospital room with his wife mentioned that Elton was the prefect fit for this position at their offices. In the few short months that he worked in those offices, he was quoted as saying he had so much fun at this job that he did do a day of work since he got there. Bottom line he was living his dream.

I wanted to put this blog out as soon as possible because this was a man who lived what he wanted to do. Now you may be in a place in your life that you are no longer having fun with life, maybe you are saying that you cannot afford to live your dream. You need your current amount of income. Well im writing this today to tell you that with some simple planning, some changes you can become a joyful person this month. If you start with a plan to reach a dream that you want to achieve. The road will have some bumps in it, your dream may make you less money then you currently live on. But there is a way. You mus believe in your dreams.

So start today, write down this is what I want to do. Write down this is where I want to go and start a plan of action to it. The joy of starting that journey will pull you thru any rought times that the path has while you head towards those dreams and goals.  As a coach, I work people who finally stand up and do this with their life. You can  start your dream today.

Until next time This Is Tim Gillette the Rocker life coach saying Rock on with your life.


Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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    4 replies to "Where do you find yourself in Life?"

    • Gwynne

      Beautifully said.

    • shannon

      Awesome articel Tim, Love ya brother

    • Elaine

      Thank you for that Tim, Elton was very happy with this job. He said he “hit the trifecta”, he could ride his motorcycle while worshipping God and doing his job all at the same time.

    • summer keen

      This is a true example of “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Just as Elton had summed up! Bless you for sharing.

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