I know we just had a week devoted to saying “yes” and finding a way to get things done. But that does not mean that we should say “yes” to everything that comes into our lives. The great thing about being in business like I am is, when a bad choice for business comes along, we get to say “NO.”

So after a week of saying “yes,” it’s time to show you five areas where we need to say “no.” The first came to me upon returning from my great week of learning at the RockStar Marketing Boot Camp. I have always been one who is willing to give someone coaching for the price of a meal. If you want help with a small issue, or need to get past something, set an appointment with me and buy lunch or coffee. That is a small investment to make to solve what you are facing right now.

Upon returning from Los Angeles, I was asked to have dinner with a friend here in Dallas. He has a very successful network, or so I thought. He asked me to lunch because he wanted to hear about what I had learned. He asked me to share highlights of what Craig was teaching to help his business. I was puzzled when he wanted this information for free.

As I said, I thought he was very successful in his company here in Dallas. I was shocked that he was looking for free information, but was charging us a rather high rate for other services he offered us.

So today’s time to just say “no” is about saying “no” to those people who have never-ending requests for free information but never seem to invest in ways of growth themselves. I think so many times of the law of Karma: over time you will get in return what you give.

So it’s time to say “no” to those who do nothing but take from you. This may seem like a hard thing to some; they may say we need to be willing to share. I am all about sharing what I know to help people, but I have to draw the line at giving away something for free that I paid over $1,000 to get.

If you have learned something and others want to find out what it is, yes, you share some things. But your knowledge and experience have a price. If you give them away to those who ask, make sure it is to people who will give to you when you are in need. After all, nothing ruins a world of giving more than when the giving is only one-sided.

Say “yes” to sharing a few nuggets; say “no” to sharing the entire book and program with those who are not willing to invest in themselves. You are much more valuable than that.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream to love what you do and those you share life with. Do you know when to say “no” and when to say “yes” to become the RockStar in your world?

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

Tim Gillette is the creator of Simple Easy Marketing, a blog, video, and online content creation system designed to get results with your online marketing, even if you’re new to it. He is an award-winning blogger, best-selling author, and highly sought-after speaker who brings entertaining, educational, and empowering content to corporate and entrepreneur events. Every spring and fall, Tim hosts an event in Dallas called Blog and Video Con, which is focused on online marketing.

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