So I asked that question in one of many of the online forums I am on and the first response I got was from my wonderful and funny mentor, Mr. Craig Duswalt. What makes a good leader? “Being able to lead.” I’d say Craig is good at pointing out the obvious.

It was Saturday, and asking people to think on a Saturday morning was a bit much. But the idea was to find out what people are looking for in a leader, what they felt a good leader was, who we follow, and who we don’t follow because we feel they are not a leader.

Right now in America, we are in tough times; we are in a country that is as split as always on politics. Many are still not pleased with who the choice is for president. But he was elected, and, good or bad, is our leader.

This week of posts will be about leadership – those things that make a leader a good leader, and those things leaders do that give us the desire to follow. Yes, just like Craig’s note they have to be able to lead. And there are many who think they are leading, but really they are so far ahead of those they think they are leading, that they are really just out for a walk.

In contrast to the answer Craig gave was my friend, Karen (publisher of my upcoming book, “You Can Always Get What You Want”). She mentioned one thing that goes hand-in- hand with the being able to lead: Communication. You see, to lead you must be able to communicate your vision, and you must be able to hear from those who follow you.

Being able to lead will go hand-in-hand with hearing from those who follow you and talking to them. Again I want to emphasize that if you are leading from so far away that no one is directly following you, then you are just out taking a walk.

Are you able to lead? Who is following you? Are you in communication with those who are following? Do you want to build a bigger following?  Subscribe to the blog this week so you won’t miss the posts about good leaders. You might want to subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well to catch the videos I will launch about leadership.


Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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