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Recently attended Toni Caruso’s Academy 4 Speakers event in Thousand Oaks CA. It was a great one day event where we talked about Speaking topics, doing your best on camera, creating a great podcast, and repurpose your content online.

Toni shared a talk that inspired, where you learned to take a look at your top 3 speaking topics you should have as a speaker. I wrote mine down, but then asked those in attendance what they had written down for their number one speaking topic.

If you attended the Academy 4 Speakers event, you learned some great things from Toni, and the group of speakers she puts together. Below are what the speakers attending shared as their speaking topics. If you want to hire them as a speaker for your next event check them out.

How to put butts in seats – Toni Caruso

Positive affirmations can change your day! – Cinda Roffman

To change the tide of entrepreneurial success from more success after year 5 than fails. – Katrina Garcia

The gift of loss: reclaim your life, well-being and finances – Sheri Berke

1st impressions are made in 7 seconds – how to make those experiences spot on – to have more impact in the boardroom and the world. – Bobbie Casalino-Lewis

How to create a web series that people will want to watch. – Nathanial D King

Life is an Interview: be prepared with a successful strategy. – Christina Nepstad

Being born in a scenario with the loss of crucial people in one’s life and how to cut through the BS to succeed in one’s life. – Aaron Tello

Mindset Matterz – Patti Smith

My Journey to Recover my child, Cooper, from autism, greatest person I have ever known – Samantha Inerfeld

Peace of Mind through financial independence – Laura Elmore

Don’t waste your gifts – Esther Bleuel

The Miracle in You – Sherri Nickols

How to be supportive to the creatives in your life – Dawn Marie King

Strike Lines, Ruined Careers,and Death Threats: Lessons you can use from changing how companies operate. – Jeffrey Wolfe

How to create a positive life in spite of any challenges; “a positive life begins with a positive mind.” – Rosanne MacDonald, CHE, CCP

Write your book in a day: tools, trick and taboos you need to know – Suzy Prudden

Empower, educate and equip women & children – Malissa Leonard

Simple ways to create a space for hi productivity and creativity for your home office – Mickey Walker

The Journey called Life, and Flowers essences help your soul find its purpose – Doris Muna

Believe: in yourself and community; how to grow you nonprofit to create success in serving others – Ann Sobel

Re-defining life after divorce – women 40plus – Hazel Palache

From Whining to winning; turn from chaos and stress to feeling beautiful and blessed – Kim Goodrich

Not in my Backyard; how to address with regards to homelessness – Bambi Hosaka

The power of giving back through volunteering – Jessica Lawson

How to make creativity your bitch – Aria Chaplis King

Imposter Syndrome: you are not a fraud – Bethany Caitlan Nicole

I’ve got a business. Now what? Keeping accounting Straight – Debbie Morgan

Why does everyone have a stomach ache or autoimmune disease and what to do to fix it. – Julia Loggins

Stop leaving money on the table – Elisa Ellis

You can use black belt strategies to use stress as your superpower. – Nic McLaughlin

Academy 4 Speakers hosts great events for speakers, Toni Caruso brings together great leaders to help you with your speaking career. To find out more about her events, and see the next one

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