Good Thursday morning to you all. I thank you, my faithful readers, for the encouraging words you tell me about how these posts help you. I am writing this post from my bedroom after a long day. Many things happened today that are going to go into this blog.

Yesterday I was asked about my motorcycle riding. I bought a new motorcycle over the summer. I did not make a big post about it, as I really don’t want to make this blog a place for boasting about my life. But in buying that bike, I had to get used to a different type of ride for me. I had taken rides on many other bikes before I purchased this one. At the time, I would not make the change because those bikes did not ride the same as the one I had. Well this bike got me out of that comfort zone. I decided to not be afraid of it and get used to the new feel of it. That is exactly what I did. But still I wondered: why am I so fear-based that I was not willing to try something new?

One of the questions I was asked today is one that I’m asked many times: “Do you wear a helmet when you ride?” Today was the first time I asked a question back: “Why do you ask if I wear a helmet?” The response I got to my return question is what gave me the idea of focusing on our mindset of fear rather than faith.

The thinking of this man was that it’s safer if you wreck to be wearing a helmet. I have heard this thought many times from people and realized they are automatically thinking of wrecking, not the actual riding. When I get on my bike I’m not thinking about wrecking; I’m thinking of riding.

One of the training tips taught in motorcycle riding courses is to track past an obstacle when you see one in the road. If you look at the obstacle in the road you are focused on it and hit it every time. Well the thinking here is if I focus on the possibility of wrecking, I’m attracting a wreck. My focus is always more of a faith idea: how can I make myself visible? How can I improve my riding skills? By giving myself the mindset of faith versus fear I’m keeping my focus elsewhere.

I know this is very similar to the positive outlook question “Is a glass of water filled to the midway point half empty or half full?” Your outlook is the way you see life and it’s time to look at life with a mindset of faith.

I’m not saying this will keep bad things from happening to you. And it’s good to be prepared in life in case things do happen. Seatbelts are a good invention that have saved many lives. Airbags in a car have saved lives. Helmets for motorcycle riders have saved lives. But people have also died in cars with seatbelts on, when airbags worked, and bikers have died wearing helmets. This blog is not about whether or not it’s good to wear these things. It’s about what your mindset is. Are we thinking from a state of fear, or acting in faith believing in ourselves?

The other thing I want to bring up today in the mindset of fear is the changes that were made to FaceBook yesterday. I was able to view them late the night before because they started rolling out just after midnight. When it comes to new and improved technology, I have personally tried to stop looking at things changing from a mindset of fear. Maybe it’s because I have many friends in the social media arena and the computer business. I know that things are not going to stay this way forever. I know software will improve or make changes. I have faith that when a company like FaceBook makes a change, it’s to improve and make it better.

Yes, change can be hard to take, but I think back to the movie, The Social Network, and the scene where Eduardo asks Mark: “When is the site going to be done?” Mark says, “It will never be finished, like fashion is never finished.” That gave me the thought that the teams of computer companies that are growing are always working to improve and change.

Yes, companies will make mistakes, like the new Coke of the 1980s or The Gap changing its logo back. There will be issues that will have to be worked out, like the iPhone 4 with the reception that did not work. They will lose some customers over it, but if a plan does not work they make improvements. That is what keeps them competitive.

Today I want to tell you how my faith in the new FaceBook turned out one great ending for my day. I opened FaceBook and who was looking at me? At the top of the page was my favorite Dude (my dad) and my wonderful cousin Abby, who I love and can’t wait to see along with her new baby, Aydian. The picture that is on the top of my page is of her with my dad, both wearing big smiles. To me it was like Dad giving his smile to me to say “I love you, son.” If FaceBook had not changed, that picture would have been down in my wall and chances are I would not have seen it. So I think this change rocked today for me. I hope you can see this in your view of faith in life.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to have the faith you will live a life you always wanted, to love what you do and those you share your life with. Start with a mindset of faith that you can be the RockStar in your world.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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