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What does it mean to be a coach? This question was recently presented to a group of coaches at the Speakers Authors Coaches Summit in Pasadena CA. Great friend and fellow speaker Jake Ballentine hosts this event to help the wonderful community of Speakers authors and coaches help fine tune their craft.

What if you were asked about your profession, what you do for a living, are you a mechanic, a doctor, maybe a server at the local cafe. Well whatever it is if you could answer this question about your work. What does it mean to you to be called by the profession name? Write that in the comments and let us know.

While at the Speakers, Authors, Coaches Summit I asked those attending if they would answer this question What does being a coach mean to you. Below you can read some of the responses that were shared.

  1. Being willing to hear what your client wants and how they work and helping them create a plan that works for them ~ Jenna Edwards 
  2. Pulling the magic out of them; connecting them with who they forgot they are ~ Lauren Fisher 
  3. That I see the untapped potential in my clients before they are able to see it in themselves. I am a lighthouse; I guide my clients into: following their dreams, awakening their souls so that they can fulfill their destiny. Stress less, achieve more. ~ Liz Gabor
  4. Having the honor of helping others recognize their power and applying their power to create the life they dream of! ~ Mark Mirkovich
  5. Creating a non-judgmental, safe space for clients to #flityour20 and discover they have the power to take charge of their life. ~ Molly Kennedy
  6. I get to make a real difference in people’s lives. I help them [see?] life through an eternal perspective that makes all the difference. Win Win. ~ Judy Rice 
  7. Children and adults who have learned to overcome their reading challenges can have independent lifelong skills to reach their own visions and life goals ~ Dr. Suki Stone
  8. To share my experience to assist others in having a better existence. ~ Christopher Music
  9. Making a difference in one persons life inspring them to take action for their life. A young exec who got the promotion to VP that he wanted and lost 82 lbs in less than a year. ~ John Fenton
  10. The opportunity to bring clarity to those stuck by stress. Since working as a coach I have seen dozens of clients release the chains of stress and accomplish more in a year than in their entire life. ~ Greg Thedgold
  11. Giving the people who were meant to find me what they need. Destiny connection with Destiny. ~ Shawnte Kinney
  12. Bringing out the best in people. Teaching them to find their purpose and live with purpose and make a difference. ~ Ann Marie Smith
  13. A brother in arms. Adopting someone into the family as a coach is to enter a mentor arrangement. Their success becomes mine as we share the speed bumps along the way. ~ Kurt von Annen
  14. Seeing people as their greatest self and purpose and being an unstoppable stand for their success. ~ The Patti Troisi
  15. Helping others. Showing me how I can use my talents to make my world better for others. ~ Greg Kettner
  16. Having a champion, mentor, hand-holder who understands where you’re trying to go (even when you don’t), who will push you to think outside the box and push your own boundaries. ~ Greer McVay
  17. Lives changed by learning to be courageous by standing in their authority in order to live a life of complete pease = prosperity. ~ Charla Anderson
  18. That I can help people discover how to reduce their pain from lifestyle change. I give people hope and tools. ~ Cheryl Meyer
  19. I love teaching people they can rise above their circumstances and be the creator of their dream life. ~ Jacque Book
  20. Getting from where you are to where you want to be is simple & easy with an accountability partner! ~ Trina Sette 

Coaching is a gift, as you have looked over what these 20 coaches shared. Coaching means something to them. The biggest lesson learned from these people is you should always have pride in what you do. You should be sharing you wisdom, your belief in what you do online. Creating blog posts, Videos, and Podcasts and sharing your message around the web. I hope you have this much pride in what you do as these 20 coaches who shared did.

If you want to find out more about them they left connection information to their website that Ive shared with you. Click on the link to their name if you want to know more about them as a coach. Could you also check out Jake Balentine and his Speakers Authors, Coaches group. Share in the comments what you look for in a coach.



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