The business you are in, and your business model should define every step of what you do in business.




From the video you can see that I am in the Events business. I get asked all the time about creating a custom business model. Yes you can create a custom business model and in some cases right out of thin air.

Today in sharing some of the behind the scene steps, I hope you find a better definition for your business.

I am in the events business, everything I do it to get people to attend my next event. If you buy a ticket to that event all emails, and communications are designed to get you to attend that event. If you send an email saying you cant attend, your email address in my system is moved to a list to get you to reconsider and attend the event.

The key to make this work is everything from an email, a webinar, a blog post, a live stream video, social media post or meeting you at another event. I must provide something of value, giving you value to make you think that you need to attend this event. Once you attend the event the design is to give you more value to get you to consider joining our inner circle.

Once you define the business model it now defines every action you take in your business. I hope this video helps you define your business model. To find out more about how we help people online go to and attend our next event.



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Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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