Good Friday morning to you. As we bring this week to a close I want to put some final touches on the cake. Help is something we all need from time to time. If you think that you can do it all yourself you are only fooling yourself. The time will come when you have something that you just can’t handle on your own. Yes we can prepare for it; yes we can act like we have it all together. But as I’ve always said, sooner or later you will hit a wall. There is no way to prepare to have it together all the time. So plan your life to be ready for help. Do this by always being a helpful person.

Let’s look at two things in this area: first we prepare for that time in which we will need help. You do this by taking the time out and helping others when they need it. I have traveled to many big and small towns in our country. Some places have a sense of being communities that are prepared for this by serving others. I have seen this because of the churches I grew up in that had this sense of community. But it’s not just in our churches. There are many communities that have this in them. One I am especially familiar with is the biker community. They are always willing to give. You especially see this when you hear the story of a biker who has gone down. Take a look at how every biker they know works to take care of those in their family. They serve, they jump to help.

So if you have served you must also be willing to be served. I am reminded of the story in the Bible when Jesus started washing the disciples’ feet and Peter asked Him, “What are you doing?” Jesus said I am here to serve and wash your feet. Peter said “I could never let you do that to me, Master.” Without going through the entire story, Peter had to learn to be served.

In my own life, I have problems with this from time to time. It is then I am humbled and must remember that I must be willing to be served. If you are not willing to be served, you are then saying that you are too good for their service. No matter who you are, you will need help at some time in your life. Do not fall into the trap of thinking you are better than anyone. We are all created equal – to help and to be helped.

So, as this week comes to a close, I will admit that it has been a tough week for me. I thank my partner, my kids – both my own daughter and those who I also call me kids. This week was all made possible with the help of my team, as each of my posts has been made with a team helping me to make them happen. I am working here to help Mom get this house ready to sell. Each day I’m here I see more things of my dad, and they make me miss him. He always was there to help me in one way or another. Now it’s my turn to help him get Mom ready for her next stage in life. The day may come when you lose a mate, a parent, a spouse, or a child. As you are helping others now, be ready for those who will jump in to help you. It’s through helping each other that we strengthen our ties among each other – it makes us stronger to need and be needed.

I’m Tim Gillette the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to Live the life you always wanted, Love what you do and who you spend your life with, and let us know how we can help you become the RockStar in your world.


Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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