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Next Event August 15 2023

Welcome to the Simple Easy Marketing Virtual Event Speaker Submission page. These Events happen every month (generally on the 3rd Tuesday of every month) 

Our next event is August 15, 2023. Use the button to the right to submit to speak. 

When applying to speak are our events please be so kind as to share this event with your list. And let us know if you have a virtual event to let Tim Gillette Speak at in return.

We are looking for inspirational, and passionate people who have done what they are teaching, to share their expertise at Simple Easy Marketing Summits.
We are a community of GIVERS we speak, share, and give value everywhere we go. Speakers agree to give value to this community and be a part of the community ( answer questions in comment, be involved in the events) While we understand you have a life, and we are working from home, please be a part of the event you agree to speak at.
Speaker submissions should include Topic, Description, and your personal information. If your submission does not have the basics it will be discarded.

Submissions end the week before the event. And speaker announcements are made the following day. 

Simple Easy Marketing Summits Monthly Virtual summits are designed to create leaders. Speaking at these summits means you have done something we teach, and come back and share how, and where you use it to market your business. These speaking spots are not a place to pitch ( All submissions that are an obvious pitch for your business, or system will be rejected). Speakers here are mentors, and leaders who have done, and are still doing what they teach.

Don't wait! Limited Speaking Spots Available

Speaker Submission form

Speaker submission must agree to our terms to be able to speak. 

Terms and Conditions

We have specific guidelines to which you will give your commitment by agreeing below. If you are selected as a speaker for Simple Easy Marketing Virtual Summits , you will be committed to these terms and conditions:

Speakers and panelist must apply to speak themselves. No submissions from agents, PR firms, assistants, etc will be considered.

If selected for speaking you will be contacted by Tim Gillette and the Tim Gillette Media team. All communication will be between Tim Gillette Media Team, and Speaker directly in lieu of a third party ( agent, PR firm, assistant, etc) Furthermore, this will serve as the agreement between the speaker, and Tim Gillette Media, No other agreements will be issued.

Speakers MUST have a website, and be able to prove they are successful online by our Simple Easy Marketing Guidelines.

Speaker Obligations

If you are selected as a speaker you will be given a 30 minute speaking spot to deliver your topic.

You agree to promote the event to your community, Email list, and Social media following.

You agree to attend as well as speak at the event. (We understand you may have to slip out from time to time, but be an active part of the event. We do not accept speakers who just show up to speak and leave when their talk is done)

Other Conditions

By agreeing to speak at Simple Easy Marketing Summits, you are granting Simple Easy Marketing Summits , and Tim Gillette Media the right to use your name, image, bio, topic information of the show of your session. This includes listings on the website, promotional mail, email, newsletters, and advertisements, the show directory, social media channels, and other sources to be determined by Tim Gillette Media.

Simple Easy Marketing , and Tim Gillette Media shall have the right, and royalty free license to sell or produce and show a tape delayed broadcast of the speaker’s session, or to the public, through streaming video, internet video, or DVD.

There is no selling by speakers. Educate the audience; do not sell to them. Impress and share your knowledge, and they will seek you out. You may offer a link to a FREE opt-in offer. Also, this is an educational seminar about online marketing NO POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS, ARGUMENTS, OR OPINIONS to be shared from speakers on stage. If this is a problem, please do not confirm this agreement.

Please complete the form below and confirm your agreement to these terms.

Here are the topic ideas we are looking for at Virtual Summits 

Speaking topics

All Speaker submissions must be related to Online Marketing, and Content Creation . Your Speech needs to relate to what we are teaching and sharing. Here are some suggestions.

Content Creation ~ How to make videos, blogs, podcasts. Tell them a process you have our use to create content that can be used to reach new clients. 
Building Community ~ This can range from how you use Groups on social media, to how to get people engaged to be e community that helps them reach their goals and connect with others. 
Story Telling ~ Using the power of your story and how to tell it in a way that helps get sales
Social Media ~ How you used a social platform to build your audience, and get more clients. 
Creating Videos, Podcasts, blog articles ~ How to create your content in a system that you created, and use that gets results 
How to build funnels  ~ How you create sales pages, funnels, email and automation to connect and follow up to make sales. 
Email, Text, Chat Bot marketing  ~ Using the power of emails, Text messaging apps, Chat bot apps to follow up with people and get them into a conversation and become buyers 

Please read the speaker agreement before signing up to speak at Simple Easy Marketing Virtual Summits

This is the application to speak, and we will pick the best. We have limited spots available.

All incomplete speaker submissions will not be accepted!

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