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Are you what we Simple Easy Marketing needs?

Here is what our events are about. 

Simple Easy Monthly Virtual Summits 

This event is held every month and 5 speakers who teach what they do in online marketing. Topics include, blogs, websites, social media, podcasting, creating content, sales funnels and so much more. You can speak at this event is you teach something in the Online Marketing Niche. We open up speakers submissions right after each months event. 

This is a 30 minute speech, The event happens on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm Central Time. Your talk is recorded and included in our portal. Check this event out the site will show you the current months event. 


The Tim Gillette Show is the current version of our Interview show started in 2012. The show has taken several twists and turns to become its perfect show it is today.  The show is broadcast LIVE using Streamyard app with video, 45 minutes in length. It is a fun experience where we share with the world about you and your business. Click the podcast button below and the system is all automated, you will receive emails to lead you one step at a time until you are on the show. 


What We Have For You:

Monthly Virtual Summits, online marketing including blogs, videos, podcasting, social media and much more. 10 Summits a year 5 speakers needed each summit. 
Monthly Master Class about online marketing. These are classes that are webinar style to give advanced training where you can make an offer at the end if your offer is pre approved with us. 

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Before you enter this list, please read the requirements below. 

Speaker Requirements  Virtual Summits 

1. You must be doing what you are teaching. We do not allow speakers who just speak about doing something we are looking for those speakers who are doing now what they are teaching. 

2. You must have a website, and that website must be simple and easy to say. No Linktree, bitly or other link type services. Our marketing is called Simple Easy Marketing which means we make it simple and easy for prospects to find us and buy from us faster. 

3. You must have a one on one Zoom video, or in the Dallas area in person coffee meeting with me Tim Gillette before you will be allowed to speak to this community.  We prefer if we have not already that you be a guest on the podcast first that way we get to know you, and the community gets to know you before you speak. 

4.  You cannot have any posts, affiliation, connection or information on your social channels, or website that is related to, or shows political extreme, or political condescension towards those who believe the opposite of you. Its great you have an opinion but if you are connected to any group that shows the belittling of others we do not want you as a speaker. 

5. Once you make a commitment with us, you keep it. People who do not keep their word we do not want as speakers. 

Podcast Guest Requirements 

1. You must go through our automated process. We set this up to avoid the game of back and forth find a date, where to go what to do. We set it up so even the most beginner of people can navigate and get on the show Simple Easy. 

2. Please watch the show video after you sign up, you will be asked I think 4 times if you watched the video before being on the show. 

3. Again you cannot have any posts, affiliation, connections or information on your social or website that connects you with any political extreme group, or community. We have a business show not a political show. We check this out and will remove your request if we find you have this. 

4. You must have a working website. We will check your website when you apply, and will check it to make sure it is working the day of before having you on the show. You must be able to say your website simple and easy. No complicated links, or link services will be allowed. 

5. You must keep your commitments. If you need to move your date once we allow it one time. If you attempt to move your booking date the second time we will remove you from the system and you will not be allowed to come back. 

6. Show up. Once you have picked a date for the show, you get reminders from both the calendar system, and our system to remind you when and where to show up.  If you do not show up, or are more then 8 minutes late your show will be canceled and you will be removed from our system. You will not be allowed to come back to be on the show, or speak at our events. 

We are looking to work with, and be connected to people who are serious about connecting. We have tough guidelines, but we have an awesome community who really engage with you once you get to connect. 


Why be on the Podcast:

The Podcast has become the greatest tool to see the personality of people before letting them on any of the Simple Easy Marketing Stages.
The Podcast is a Livestream Video broadcast. Then repurposed on audio, video, and blog post.  
This podcast is the most FUN you will have on a podcast sharing information about your business. 
We would like to exchanged podcast if you have one let's be on each others podcast. 
You must go through this process to get on the podcast.

Enter your information below now to get started in the automated system that will get you on the podcast . 

Before you decide to be on the podcast read the requirements above to make sure you qualify. 

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