The Balance of your offer.

So I just came back from a lunch, maybe had one or two drinks and about to share some things that bother me in business. and how people are making offers and sales pitches before they know you need it.

Over the past few years I’ve watched these coaches tell everyone how they need to charge what they are worth. To make high prices to offer your services. To demand more from the market place.

It is really pissing me off. Now we have under qualified people offering services and products that do not exist for 20 times more than the service is worth when delivered. The real problem is not the over values product or service. The real problem is buying a product or service online that gives you $1 of service, or worth for $100 price tag. If you went to your local grocery store and were asked to pay $100 for a 79 cents piece of produce many of you would be jumping to complain about how that store was ripping your off. But imagine it gets worse, when you get that produce home that you over paid for, and then you find out it is rotten and of no use. Now you are really mad.

This is what has become of our current online market place. Coaches, Speakers, and consultants who offer you something for $100 and by the time you get it home take it out of the package it is not even worth the dollar that it would have been 5 years ago.

We need to fix the market and correct it again. it is time to clean out the current list of scam artists trying to make a buck and fill the market with value again. When you create or offer a product or service online now more than ever you need to determine the value the customer or client will get from it and create your price to make it a value to them again.

I am reminded of a lady who I know several years ago, she always talked about how you should us the word ” Serve” as in ” How may I serve you today?” She talked about this over and over again. Until the day she started bragging about how much money she made from “serving” you. Done get my wrong I love to celebrate success. But really hate when people use fancy terms to get your money, only to brag back to you how much money they made from you.

Don’t beg to others to do business with you. Show them you have what they need.

The above mentioned person begged to be on my stages, be a guest on my podcast, and said she wanted to connect to my community. After years of hearing her beg I offered her the chance, and set it up, with a huge cost to me and she did not show up.

People who are all about how much money they can make from you will never sit and look you in the eye. Rule number one in my business if you cannot have a meeting with me where I can look you in the eye and read you, then you will never get in front of the community I have built.

We need to get back to how can we help people, it is about them, what we can do to improve their life. How can we help them make more income. What can we teach them to do, that will allow them to work less and make more. Value is the game, it’s not about how much value is in my paycheck, bank account, or what I got to give a speech. How can we put more value into someone when they come to us.

What can you do today to put value into the life of the person you just met at that networking group this morning, that will give them the desire to come back and ask how you can help them more.

Look at what you do today, instead of thinking how can I make more money. Start thinking how can I put $1000 dollars in value into the life of this person, all for the price tag of $100. Start with becoming a giving person, help others instead of helping yourself. Start making the world better, instead of making your life better.

Zig said it best, you can get anything you want if you FIRST help enough other people get what THEY want.

You can get everything in life you want, if you first help enough other people get what they want ~ Zig Ziglar

Let’s get back the the world I used to know, helping others instead of demanding what we are worth.


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