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Or maybe we talk about the ‘80s and ‘90s and the singer Bobby Brown. We could name many of his songs. But when you mention Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston what do you think of?

Many people would remember the songs, but so many would remember MC Hammer for the fact that he went bankrupt because he lost control of his spending.

Many would remember the great song Whitney Houston sang, “I Will Always Love You.” But for so many, when you add Bobbie Brown into the mix they will only think of the drugs and lifestyle stories that ultimately led to her death.

I tell these stories today in our week on Responsible Entrepreneurs to point out the fact that when you think of successful entrepreneurs, they are not the ones you think of doing radical things. They are people who have control of things in business and life.

One of my Friends is Larry Broughton, the great hotel entrepreneur from California. He is a veteran and teaches through his firm, Broughton Advisory, how so many successful entrepreneurs in business are former veterans. Then he explains why.

Veterans are used to a system of discipline they follow all the time, so once they enter the world of business they find a system and follow it. The responsible entrepreneur is the person who puts his business first.

So I want to issue a call to action to you today, do you have control of your business? Let’s look at your life. Are you a person who has control in your life? Write down five areas in your life where you can improve your level of control. Now look at how you handle your business. If need be, list another five areas where you can take better control.

Do you need help in taking this to another level?

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