chessI rarely read or watch the news anymore. But I know a few things that have happened recently that fit very well into our theme this week. One thing that is being talked about is President Obama choosing some new cabinet members and other people who will serve as staff and advisors over the next four years.

The second thing that is in the news is this past Sunday’s football game. It’s that one time of year almost everyone watches football, the Super Bowl. This year the talk was so much about the fact it was two brothers coaching. Both came to the game with hopes of winning but only one left with that victory.

With the theme of mentorship as part of a defined Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys To Business Success, we must focus on the fact that successful people have mentors, coaches, advisers. They study, they work to improve, they seek wisdom and look for answers to solve their problems and challenges. The most successful in our information age are the people we all look to for a better tomorrow.

For someone to get to a point of success as President, he needs help. It is not done all by himself. It took a team of people to help him get there. Just to get to lead a team to the Super Bowl, let alone win it, that took a team of supporting people.

Many people who reach this level of success share stories of who they had as a mentor. It seems that all successful people looked up to someone that was the driving spot to get them there. Last year, I did a theme on my top five mentors. Each one of those I listed had a mentor along the way. Someone inspired them, taught them, shared with them. It was great to speak to every one of my own mentors after I did that series. They all told me stories of those who they had followed themselves as mentors.

So who do you look up to? Do you have a person whom you can call for advice like the President does? Do you have a coach helping you through the struggles you are facing now? When you reach that big success, will the picture surface of you shaking a hand of that person you admired?

I still recall the picture that came out after Bill Clinton became President. It’s a picture of him shaking hands with John F. Kennedy. That picture shows in Clinton’s face how much he looked up to that man. Who is it that you want to have that picture taken with? Mentorship is about finding them, and learning from their successes and their failures. If you want to be successful, find that mentor.

RockStar  Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette. It’s time to live your dream, to love the journey, and find the mentor to get there. Are you ready to do what it takes to succeed?

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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