spamHow many times in the past month have you received a request for the newest business idea or opportunity out there? How many great new ideas have you been part of? Is what you are known for the same thing you were known for this time last year?

Are you working really hard at trying to sell homeowner’s insurance to renters? Weight loss products to the perfectly healthy workout expert? How about car insurance to the people riding the train? Wait, I have one more: online dating services to the married man and woman?

We all know the image of the used car salesperson who is pictured in every bad movie from the past 30 years. We hate him; we think he’s the lowest on the food chain. But we never look in the mirror to see if that person is us.

I counted today to see how many of these emails I received. Thirty-six emails from Dr. Oz about the greatest weight loss idea that was healthy for me. Well I weigh in at just under 150 lbs and I’m 6’ 3”. I cannot imagine any weight loss being healthy for me. But Dr. Oz thinks it is. That is why he sent me those 36 emails today.

I recall all those salespeople that I’ve worked to avoid in my life. They throw out the sales pitch to get a yes or no just to say they did so many of them a day. I recall working in a boiler room sales office years ago. We were taught how to first qualify those people whom we had for leads. After all we had a service that was for a very specific person: people in debt.

Too often people get fed into a fantasy world where they are told they will have their dream if they first make 100 sales pitches. I recall such training for one direct-sales company I worked for.

Too often people who want that success so badly never get the one thing they need to do. They leave the money on the table by leaving that line of work or selling the product they are with to start selling something that sounds easier. Remember our week on the self-help cycle? We talked about this idea.

You see when you jump from product to product, company to company, you lose your creditability and you lose it fast. People start avoiding you because they know all they’ll hear from you is your latest sales pitch.

When it comes to the people who send out the 36 emails to a non-potential client, they are the ones leaving money on the table by wasting time chasing the wrong people. I know many of them bought leads from someone who scammed them to sell the leads. They need to find qualified leads who need the product they are searching for.

So since I am not the greatest of lovers of those spam messages I looked for a way to stop leaving money on my own table. After all I teach people how to be successful entrepreneurs. I started writing them back with a sales pitch of my own about how they can learn to become successful as an entrepreneur. I’ll let you know how many of those who visited my site over the past three days actually become clients. Now that is thinking outside the box.

RockStar  Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, find what you love to do and become highly profitable doing it. Are you ready to make changes to rock your 2013?

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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