Today I was inspired, when reading thru articles that I review on a daily basis. I found one online that stated how people are now getting ready to leave their jobs at a faster pace than people are being laid off.

Lets think about this for a bit, employers have it made in rough times people will hold on to a job no matter how bad it is. You hear them at your local hang out how lucky they are to have a job right now. In some of the christian groups and such that I hang with they are praising God for the crap of a job they have. Now im not knocking everyone on this and please don’t think me to be putting down any one who is thankful to have a job. I was in those shoes for many years working for Starbucks just to pay my child support and afford my coffee habit each day.What I want to say here is lots of people have jobs they hate, working for bosses they know they are smarter then. They watch people who kiss up to a corporation get promotions, better jobs  then they have when they are more qualified for the position. People get laid off due to a supervisor who feel threatened. People put dreams of starting a business of their own. People who feel called to leave their job and enter ministry. People who feel called to leave their profession and enter public service and run for offices. But they stay.

Now we see things, or hear things that we might be coming out of a recession, they start to think maybe I can reach that dream, maybe I can pursue my goals on life and not someone else’s. Well this is america and the greatest thing that comes out of hard times. Great business ideas, Great leaders in business and politics. Great inventions. This being out of necessity, maybe cause they need something to do, maybe cause they need food on the table. I know the move I needed to make that helped redefine my roll as entrepreneur was when I was told Could not work in my field anymore and needed to feed my family.

So where am I going with this. If you are an employer of people maybe you should start by looking at your work force to see if you can help them reach a dream or what they have for personal goals and how they can reach them while staying employed with you. I heard this from a speaker who had a large company once said I would rather employ a dreamer for a short time while he is on his way to his dream then to pay a non dreamer to take up space at my place of business and become an energy drain on my business.  Also as an employer maybe you could see how you could start planning your future by having those who work for you help you by training someone who could replace them, this could off set the cost of trying to find people who can jump in to the job once they are gone.

Now if you are working for a company now that is not in your dream path. some things for you. First start by making a plan to leave. get your money in order, make a set of steps to keep you from hard times so you can plan it out right. Second keep your life balanced, not just work play, but all of your life. A person who over works one area of their life usually has things lacking attention in other areas of life.  As far as your employer is concerned. You need to keep this in mind the law of sowing and reaping, or karma. This law states what you do comes back to you and usually times 10.  Work with your company help them achieve their dreams and maybe they will help you reach yours. Zig is famous for saying help enough people reach there goals and yours will be taken care of.  If you leave your employer on good terms then, if you have setbacks in your dream plan you can always have a reference. Maybe you could have another job lined up for you.

Yes times are changing. we move with the times. We should all reach for our dreams. This is america everybody who comes to america has a dream. Whats your dream. Lets make this world better to live in. Repay those who have wronged you with good. Bless those who curse you.

Rock on

Rocker life coach

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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    • summer keen

      I like your view from the employer side. Having a dreamer for a short time and have then help you train their replacement. Imagine if people could/would be that honest with their employer and the employer being that receptive…I’ve never been in any work relationship like that, but hopefully they are out there. (NOTE TO SELF: Be that kind of employer when and if we have employees!)

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