A week of blogs on purpose is not always easy to write. I believe we all have a purpose and the book I referenced at the beginning of the week begins by telling us we are here for God’s purpose. Some think this is true; others think they just have to get by however they can and that there is no purpose in life.

So many have found where they are working to be their life purpose; and some have bumped into it while traveling another road. The past few months I have worked with a man named Jason who has a great history of bringing life-changing products to the world. Some of the products are his creations and some are the creations of people he has found whose ideas and products he brings to a market and life.

Jason tells the story in his presentation of how people have come to him with great ideas and no money. You see, he can get the idea to market, but you need the capital to build the product. That very idea worried Jason so, being the brilliant mind that he is, he went to looking to solve that problem. Now he speaks, coaches and helps people to navigate the system of crowd funding.

You see, sometimes when you head down a road you will come across a greater need that will cause you to leave what you thought was a plan to pursue a greater plan. And your purpose moves to another level.

This week I will again be in a seminar and boot camp held by Craig Duswalt. He is another man who had the same thing happen to him. He headed down one path until hitting a personal wall that left him searching.

Craig has many times found that if he just showed up, something presented itself in the form of an opportunity. This has worked for him from his first time working with a band, to his speaking career where he showed up to a meeting and as a result found a seminar that gave him an entire new purpose of teaching marketing concepts – concepts that are so far outside the box he calls it RockStar Marketing.

Many of you are looking for that grand purpose; you want it to just come to you in your sleep one night, to just present itself. Well it’s not going to happen, you need to get out and do something and it will meet you.

Remember the time I had two gentlemen say “hi” to me while I was making their coffees at Starbucks? They met me and researched who I was then hired me to help transform their company, to make changes to help it grow. Had I not taken a job at Starbucks when I was just wondering what to do next, that would never have opened up to me, I would not have met some of the people who helped build our investment company. I would not have taken the steps that helped me to found this coaching business.

So what steps are you going to take to find out where you need to head to reach a purpose in your life? It’s out there, and you have to go find it; it’s not coming to you.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Are you ready for the next level to become the RockStar in your world?

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

Tim Gillette, the mastermind behind Simple Easy Marketing, brings his expertise to the digital world with Simple Easy Websites . With years of experience in sharing valuable marketing tips and ideas through his blog, Tim has now expanded his vision to create user-friendly, efficient online solutions in 2023. Visit www.SimpleEasyWebsites.com to explore how Tim can help enhance your digital presence.

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