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3 core values that matter to us

We want your website to serve your purpose. 

We aim to build you a focused website to make it work for you and your purpose. 

We are 100% USA based teams

We still believe in the America. We still believe in the American Dream. 

We believe in personal touch.

Your should be able to contact a real person to handle all your website needs. 

Just a few examples of our work 

Do you want your website to look like one of these?

Did you know that our brains naturally process visual information faster than text?


You don't have enough time.

You are running your business, and you have other things to do. 

You don't have a website.

Social Media pages don't count and you know it.

You need more clients

Visitors come and go but are not buying.

Your current website sucks.

You are embarrassed to tell anyone to visit your website.

You are lost at what to do online. 

and just not sure what to do.. 

If just one of the above is true, you need to click this button!

My Name Is Tim Gillette

CEO of Simple Easy Websites. 

Founder of Simple Easy Marketing, Branding, and Automation. 

About me

You Probably don't know me, and that is ok. 

I am a strong believer in the idea of design, branding, and using the internet to achieve your goals and dreams. 

When creating the concept of Simple Easy Marketing, we wrote down a mission statement. 

Create 10,000 online marketer,
 help them build an audience of 10,000 fans, that help them make
$10,000 per month in income. 

Three things I believe you must do on the internet to be successful. 

1. You must have a website. This is a home, you need someplace to send traffic to find out more about you so they will begin the Know Like and Trust factor. 

2. You must build a list. This is not old fashion, the list is one of the most important things people have to build success online. 

3. You must be willing to work. The internet is filled with people who jump from one hot topic and item to another. They never build roots with anything.  

If you are ready to build online. Start with the foundation today, a quality WordPress website. 

So, what does your current website look like? Or worse... Do you have a website?

If you think your website is old, outdated and looking plain... We need to talk. 

If you think it is time to make your website look awesome, and grab their attention when they google you... We need to talk. 

If you think its time to take this online thing more serious, and get visitors, and turn them into clients... We need to talk 

If you have visitors to your website, but they are not doing what you want (getting on the phone, clicking an action button etc) 


Still Got Questions?

Who is this for exactly?

This service is for coaches, consultants, speakers, and small business owners who are looking to take their branding to the next level, and appear like an authority so you can charge more for your services. 

Anyone can build a website, but getting a website that does what you want it to do is what we are good at. 

Can you build product, or landing pages?

Of course. 

We mainly focus on creating base websites. But offer options to build landing pages, funnels and all kinds of automation that make sales for you. 

What platform do you use?

We build websites using WordPress, and the Optimize Press Plugin. We have many templates we can use, then doctor them to your liking. 

For automation, list building, and shopping carts we use Kartra. We have packages that include everything you will need to be online and cover your digital marketing needs. 

Why should I listen to you?

Good question. For many the answer is you should not. My name is Tim Gillette, I put my word, my name on everything this company does. We do not take short cuts. We do not work with non professionals. 

I have personally been building websites with wordpress, and Optimize press for over 12 years. Our team is 100 % USA based so we can address all your online needs fast. 

Can you build websites for local business?

Yes! In fact we work with many local businesses to help connect with their local community. From construction, to retail, from eateries, to law firms. You will look like the professional authority to all around you. 

Build a highly Profitable page that converts for you.

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