Simple Easy Automation

Simple Easy Automation 

Setting up and Running Kartra, and
Go High Level for the busy Entrepreneur

Simple Easy Automation we set up and run your CRM systems for you. Specialist in setting up and running Kartra, and GoHigh Level. Then integrating them with your WordPress Website. We partner with our sister company Simple Easy Websites. 

Set up

Set up your CRM System

Setting up your Go High Level, and Kartra Systems Only these are your options. 

Set Up 
Go High Level

This is for Set up Only, you will have to maintain. Any work past set up is billed hourly. 

One Time Set up 

Set up Email integrations
Set up email sequences
Set up Products and services.
Set up automations 
Create Campaigns

Set Up 

This is for Set Up Only. You will have to maintain. Any work past set up is billed hourly. 

One Time Set Up

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Maintain your CRM system. 

Keep  your CRM System going. This includes monthly updates, and maintainance.


Maintain, and Integrate


Keep your systems working
Integrate with your wordpress website
Quarterly Planning meetings


Maintain, Integrate, and update, 


Run monthly updates to improve your sales.
Keep your systems flowing
Work to Automate you funnels and email 
Monthly meetings to review your plans
Includes basic

Premium Plan

Maintain, Integrate, Update, and Create


Help write Content. 
Help with Analytics and flow
Create new systems each month. 
Weekly Planning meetings.
Includes Plus, and Basic

Simple Easy Marketing is a Trademark of Tim Gillette Media LLC

Book a Consultation 

Book a time to talk about your options for running your CRM and website. 

Simple Easy Marketing, Simple Easy Automation, and Simple Easy Websites work together to bring you the best in online marketing. 

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