I grew up in the ‘80s, in the days when MTV was just starting. Music videos were talked about by everyone in my high school. Some of the best music videos from the ‘80s had hot rods in them and they left some great memories in my Rock ‘n’ Roll mind.

I use a Whitesnake song in my speeches and seminars. Its video shows two Jaguars with Tawny Kitaen dancing across their hoods and it’s a big memory of the ‘80s. But when it comes to Rock ‘n’ Roll and hot rods, only one car could make our list of Top 5 Most Influential hot rods.

In the early ‘80s, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top built one of the best-known hot rods of all time. It was the cover picture of two of their albums: Eliminator and Afterburner, which featured a spaceship version of the car. Billy Gibbons has built a few hot rods in his day, but this one was a car that cemented its place in Rock ‘n’ Roll history.

The car was also used in all of the videos from that album: “Legs,” “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Gimme All Your Lovin’.” Many people built hot rods from 1930s coupes but this one is a legend in the music industry as well as the hot rod world.

Many times people ask me why I wear the same outfits, dress the same, use my motorcycle in my events and speaking. Well, it’s the same for me as it was for ZZ Top. They used that car in all they did for promotion because it’s a way to make your passion a part of your business. It’s a way to take the things that you really love to do and use them in the part of your life that others would call work.

If you want to find a successful person, find someone who takes something he or she loves and finds a way to monetize it. Those people become successful more than others. They walk home at the end of the day not feeling like they worked; it was part play for them.

And who knows? Maybe your passion could be part of something larger than just a business or brand. It could be part of something that changes history. That’s the lesson today from a group who will forever be known as the “Little Old Band From Texas.” Thanks for the memories, Billy.

RockStar Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, creator of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success. It’s time to unlock your dream and make some changes to love your life again. Are you ready for Rock ‘n’ Roll success in your world in 2013?

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

Tim Gillette is the creator of Simple Easy Marketing, a blog, video, and online content creation system designed to get results with your online marketing, even if you’re new to it. He is an award-winning blogger, best-selling author, and highly sought-after speaker who brings entertaining, educational, and empowering content to corporate and entrepreneur events. Every spring and fall, Tim hosts an event in Dallas called Blog and Video Con, which is focused on online marketing.

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