Shā Sparks Joins the Tim Gillette Show

Season 4 Episode 6 of the Tim Gillette Show welcomes Shā Sparks.


Todays episode was a joy to create. I have always loved the concept of getting to know people on camera. Recording the meeting and turning it into a Podcast, and Blog. Getting to know Shā Sparks was so much fun. Be sure and check out all episodes posted of Tim Gillette Show here

Sha Sparks Shā Sparks grew up with a father who was drafted into the Army to serve in Korea, he saw life as if he didn’t have the right to choose his future. Sha inherited that same “I don’t have a choice” mindset. She had to overcome abuse, addiction, depression, anger, low self-worth, being a bully and being bullied. And now, she has taken that same fear based phrase of “I don’t have a choice” and turned it into determination to propel herself and others to make fearless choices.

She knows that if she can take her own personal traumatic experiences and transform it into a treasure, then so can you!  As a CEO of Sparks of Fire International LLC, she is a business consultant/coach, author, and speaker. She guides leaders to re-ignite that passion into a more aligned purpose and transform it into increased profit.

To find out more about Shā be sure to check out her website, where you can connect to all her social sites, check out all her books, and projects she is involved in. 

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