Well, it’s time to bring another week’s theme to a close. We tackled this one and I hope you have found more places to say “Yes” than “No.” We need to find places in life to say “yes” and then find a way — like last week’s theme; but we must also know ourselves and the direction we are taking so we know when to say “no.”

As I was thinking over this subject and getting ready to close out the week, I found it hard to narrow it down to five areas that we need to say “no” about. The truth is you must find what lines up with your life and learn to say “no” to the things that do not fit with it. Once you have your plan and purpose lined up, you will find it very easy to say “no” when you see what does not line up.

So where are you going, and what does not line up to that plan? I learned to use this when being approached about other business options, like multi-levels that would be nothing more than me leaving my work to pursue a different money-making path.

I learned to say “no” to those who want to take up my time, wasting one of the most valuable things I have. I learned to say “no” to people or events that waste my time. One of those things is discussing the politics, as most are doing with the political debates.

So let’s finish up the week with you taking today and making a list of things you need to learn to say “no” to. Let me give you a few ideas to think about.

  • Do you need to say “no” to clutter?
  • Do you need to say “no” to time wasters?
  • Do you need to say “no” to buying things that you end up never using?
  • Do you need to say “no” to a business that is not making you money, that is in fact costing you money?
  • Do you need to say “no” to an eating habit you have?

We could make this list go on and on. Only you can fill it in completely and throw out what doesn’t apply to you. Make that part of cleaning up in your life.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Are you ready to say “yes” to changes needed to become a RockStar in your world?

Tim Gillette is Americas RockStar Life Coach, If you want to learn more about his transformation system, how you can change your life and business and be a RockStar in your world? Take the next step

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

Tim Gillette, the mastermind behind Simple Easy Marketing, brings his expertise to the digital world with Simple Easy Websites . With years of experience in sharing valuable marketing tips and ideas through his blog, Tim has now expanded his vision to create user-friendly, efficient online solutions in 2023. Visit www.SimpleEasyWebsites.com to explore how Tim can help enhance your digital presence.

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