Good Saturday morning to you. It’s time to introduce something new. Many of you follow my posts here, as well as my travels around our country. Some of you are followers of my honey’s site We are both bikers, and take wonderful journeys around the country on our bikes. Many people ask me questions about all the places I get to visit. Some of you meet me for coffee, lunch, or dinner on my travels. You are not looking for help from my business; you just want to say hi and have a chance to share your story in life.

So with meeting so many people I wanted to add this new idea. I will do one or two posts a month on Saturdays. They will not be on a self-help topic; they will not include my RockStar fixes, or steps to solve a problem. They will be about a random event or random subject I feel like writing about. I hope you enjoy this series of posts about life, about our country, about the people who live here that I get to meet. They will be my personal side to my company mission. About me living my dream life, loving where I’m at, and the new people I meet. They will be about how the unique people I meet are RockStars in daily life.

So this morning I’m writing to you from a Starbucks in Phoenix, AZ. While out here to work with some new clients, meet some people and build my business, I was able to see the start of the Hoka Hey Challenge. Two of the girls from my HOG chapter back in Texas were riding in this year’s challenge. I wanted to see them off since I happened to be in town. They were leaving before 6 a.m., and it meant I had to get up very early to see them. So I got up at about 4 a.m. and rode my bike 35 miles from where I’m staying to the starting point of the race.

I want to say that it was a nice, cool ride. The ride I took afterwards to go to where I had to meet clients was a lot hotter. When I got to the race starting point, I saw all the bikes packed up with all they would need for up to three weeks of riding over 10,000 miles. The riders were so fired up to be at the front of the line as they took off. Their high spirits embraced the meaning of Hoka Hey, which I’m told is “It’s a good day to die.” But I’ve also heard it means “It’s a good day to ride.” Either way they had high spirits as they left with a roar.

The greatest thing I got to see was the ceremonial events that started the ride. They left me with an inspired feeling like I was so blessed to just be here and watch. If you get a chance, go to the web site and watch the riders. They have a tracking system to let you know where the riders are in the different states as they travel the route for the ride. Also there were lots of cameras and videos going and I’m told they will be making a TV series or show about the ride. So I hope you get inspired by a challenge like this too.

Have a good weekend. It’s a good day to ride. I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. Live, Love, and Rock on.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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