When it comes to Rules, do you think sometimes, Who follows the rules??

Welcome back to day 6 of our series on the 7 steps I took to become a RockStar success in my world. This series is about looking into your past, learning from both your success, and your failures. That way you can repeat those things to help you reach success, and avoid those failures or mistakes you made.

This series is about what I learned about myself, how to become successful be repeating a series of steps that worked for me. This was not always my favorite step because I hate to follow rules.

Follow the Rules and Guidelines set.

Each company I have worked for, organizations I have served in, positions I’ve held, have all had a handbook, or manual that tells the rules. There are a set of guidelines this organization has given they expect you to follow while working there. While this is a short thing it’s a must to be the Rock Star there. If you are the constant rule breaker, you will soon find your way out of a job. If we learn to succeed within the rules and guidelines set, the time will come for us to push the rules and do so with permission of our supervisors and management team to see if maybe it’s time to re-write the rules.

The key reasons we want to follow the rules are that once you learn all about this job or position, you will soon start outshining those you work for. And no matter how much you learn about those around you in the previous step, as humans they will not like that you are now the star when you started after they did. We all want to be the big star, and if someone beats us to it, we then search for ways to pull them down.

Well imagine you just set the new sales record in your company. If you work with, let’s just say, three other sales people, you may find that top salespeople for the past year were able to achieve that status with no effort. Well you show up put in a little more effort than them and double the sales they are doing. If you are not following the rules, they may, in a jealous way, try to find ways to prove you cheated. After all, they now have to do more work. You have just raised the bar.

A few years ago I was at a local car wash, working a service writer job. In a short time was able to take the top sales slot. Due to a new commission structure, the man who I took the number one spot from moved to a management position. Because I was tops in sales, I got to take his shifts for the week, which meant I got to work days and have my nights free. Well, three other people wanted that day shift; they had been working at the company two years longer than me.

Upset about it, one of them planted a customer situation that led me to breaking a rule. Not knowing it was a set up, I let this violation slip through. Well the results were, I broke a rule and ended up losing the job. So know the rules and follow them. By breaking the one little rule, I ended up losing my Job.

Once you know the rules and have learned to become successful in the company guidelines, now is the time to test the limits to see where you can move from here.

While I’m not much of a rule follower, it was a big part of the individual success of the jobs I was at, or the projects I’ve worked on. Once you are free from that project you are not required to move those rules to the rest of your life. But for many organizations to have many people, or to work together as a team they have to set up rules. Once you become successful in those rules then you will earn the voice to speak and work to change those rules.

I brought up laws because we must learn to obey the laws that are set for us, to grow as a society we must make laws that will help us grow together.


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Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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    • summer keen

      Isn’t it amazing what others will go to to make a point or bring someone else down. Out of curiosity, what was your relationship like with the other workers before the shift change?

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