In the early 1990s, Alan Jackson had a great country hit called “Don’t Rock the Juke Box.” It was about how someone who lost the love of his life and was hanging out in a bar really wanted to hear a slow song. He was heartbroken and was not ready to hear one of those rockin’ tunes or a dance tune at that moment.

The idea of losing someone important to you could make life a bit hard. We want to take it easy for a while, not jump up and dance. I was thinking of today’s post and trying to find an idea to go along with our theme this week of how we need to shake up the networking we do, take it to a level of real business. This song came on while I was writing and I decided it would make a great idea.

Think of the list of people that you have met; they are in a database of yours like songs are in a juke box. Some are slow-moving; others are fast and upbeat, ready to rock the world. We need both.

I talked yesterday about those who walked up to me and others I sought out at a great outside-the-box networking event called “Chocolate, Blues and Business” that we had here in Dallas. Two of those people who walked up to my table gave me the sales pitch and they grabbed my card. Well, today I got emails from both of them and I noticed they did not have familiar names as they never introduced themselves to me. The emails were a rehash of the sales pitches they were trying to give yesterday.

We need to rock up the networking world in two ways, as I see it. We need to do the opposite of the Alan Jackson song and instead, rock this networking game. Here are some of my ideas.

  1. It’s time to stop making this a card-passing game and throwing mud up against the wall. We need to show people we love what we do and come up with some interesting new ways to go about networking. I attend a few specific networking events; they are different and that is why I go. I am about changing up life. If you want to see the ones I attend here is a list of links to find them. See how people like Shelly Rice, Patty Farmer and Jenifer Luney attract people like me to their events, because they are a different way to meet people, not just hear sales pitches.
  2. We need to take networking back to what it was intended to be: building friendships. We should be doing that everywhere we go. I spend time each day talking with people who will most likely never hire me. I am not what they are looking for, but I have changed my life into making friends, and that makes the time spent with them a win-win. And now, when I meet a friend who needs something, I have a great list of people I can connect them to. So I will eventually end up with friends who will tell people who need my service to call me.

In coaching we ask this question to help other coaches find clients: who is your ideal client? I never feel another life coach is a competition to me; we all build relationships and create our own niches with their own unique twists to them. It is about who the person relates to and not the fact they want to find a coach – any life coach.

I mentioned Shelly and Brian above; both are experts who help people in networking and speaking on how to build your network. People call me the RockStar idea guy because I always seem to come up with ideas they like. But I also know a list of many other experts and will point you in their direction if they can help you. I am building my jukebox full of people, just like you are. This week of RockStar networking is just part of my way to share RockStar ideas.

I help people and speak to people who want to change things up. I hope this week is giving you ideas to learn it’s just about building friendships and becoming a RockStar in your world. So what are you going to do to rock up your networking to change it?

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream to love what you do and those you share life with. Change up your networking strategy and become a RockStar in your world.

PS: Today I want to give you a list of resources to help you. These are a gift; I make nothing for suggesting to these people.





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Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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