Good Wednesday morning. I hope this week is rocking along for you, that great changes are happening for you, and that you are step-by-step becoming the RockStar in your world.  As I sit to write this today, I decided to get out of the office and head to my favorite Starbucks for some writing time. Most of the staff here know who I am and like to know what’s going on in the Rocker Life Coach world. The manager of the store actually calls me Coach.  Anyway, I’m sitting here listening to some great music today – some of it what they are playing and, every now and then, something of my own online.

Today’s subject is teamwork and I’ve been researching bands that demonstrate it and bands that don’t. There are plenty of examples of great bands working together, and examples of those who don’t. I’ve chosen three bands to help me make my point about teamwork.

First is Van Halen. We all know that when VH1 did its top show about the 20 biggest feuds in the rock ‘n roll world Van Halen was at the top of the list. Let’s face it: ego has been a big part of this band for a long time. You have one of the greatest guitar players in rock, some great front-men, great shows, great tours, great music and harmony. All that and some of the biggest fights in rock ‘n roll history. While we think of what it takes to work with a team, we have to realize that without the team we have that makes us successful, we are often just second-rate. I know Van Halen is anything but second-rate and they have had some awesome talent over the years. But they are known almost as much for their fighting as they are for their music.

There’s something else I found while reading the info at Wikipedia. It states that their biggest hit of all time was in 1984.They were at their peak when that album came out. But just in case you think you can be the greatest and are not replaceable, remember that was also the last album the original band recorded together. I do think they made great choices; I like both David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar. There will always be people who think one is better than the other. Bottom line: they were both removed from their jobs, and a great team broken up. So to have a great team you have to learn to get along no matter what.

The second band I want to use to represent teamwork is Aerosmith, the bad boys of Boston. They were great in the ‘70s and made great music. The early ‘80s came and some members left the band. The new form of the band didn’t fare so well for a number of reasons. Then if you remember, they had a big comeback in 1987 with the album “Permanent Vacation.” This was the time when they began a consistent climb to success that lasted from 1987 to today. They learned the lesson that as a team they were better. When they put the team together and put away what was keeping them from making great music, they became Rock ‘n Roll icons. There are other bands that have shown this: The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, etc. The list could go on. But you get the idea. When a great team comes together and works together to make something great, they have to learn to put aside their petty differences.

The third band I want to talk about is the little old band from Texas: ZZ Top. These guys still have their three original members. They have been playing together since 1969 and they seem to still find ways to keep themselves out in front of their fans. They recorded a DVD concert in 2007 at the Nokia Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas (which just happens to be about three miles from my home). I’m sure they have had times where they were mad at each other but I can’t find any reference to it anyplace I’ve read. They show team spirit to me. And there are many more teams in Rock ‘n Roll, including one of my favorites like Gene Simons and Paul Stanley of Kiss and others I’m not going to mention here due to space.

We all have a team that makes us great; no one can do it all by himself or herself. Even the soloprenuer must hire out tasks to others to make his business run. I know that in my business I would not be the success I am without my partner, without the team of people who work with me, those people who refer others to me, those of you who will repost this very blog on your Twitter and Facebook pages to tell others the things you learned from these Rock ‘n Roll stories. If you have no team, start building one. For true lasting success you will need others to make that happen.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to Live the life you always wanted, Love what you do and those in your life.How can we help you become the RockStar in your world?


Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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