There are three rock musicians that have been part of history their deaths mark many of lists of sad days in Rock ‘n’ Roll. I should say 3 in my lifetime, as we will cover another icon later this week that was taken young.

The three deaths that seam to hit so hard are Elvis, John Lennon, and Kurt Cobain. These three men changed so much with their style of music, and the way they left us seams to be such a tragedy.

I have written about Kurt Cobain before in my RockStar balance post. But wanted to include him in this week of Rock Icons. He was part of the creation of that Grunge Rock movement of the early 90s. I never really got to listen to much of his music till after he was gone. What I hear now is, how much he did not like where his world was headed.

So today I wanted to without going through his story again, you can read it in this post Kurt Cobain. I wanted to ask you are you doing what you want to do? Do you really live the life you want?

Kurt may have lived some unhappy times, and many who come reading this posts and seeking the learning that is needed to move forward are dealing with living an un happy life.

I want to share this and the story of Kurt with my feeling that if your life is not working then get some help. There are so many professionals out there that are looking for people to help them with life.

Counselors:  so many who have trained in counseling and therapists are trained to help you deal with those issues that just keep you focused in the past. If you are not able to grow because of something in our past, please seek a counselor out to get past the past.

Consultants: These people specialize in helping people become or build an appearance of success in many areas from personal guidance to business. They have systems that can make your business run like a clock that needs never to be wound up.

Coaches: As a coach we are working to help you get to the future you want. Hey we all can look at the life we live today and think I want more. I need to build more. Well hire a coach that specializes the taking people to the area you want to go with your life.

So today I want to make sure that no matter what you are facing you get the help you need to not become another Rock n roll mishap. But find a way to bring that music out with your life.

I’m Tim Gillette the Rocker Life Coach, its time to live your dream to love what you do and those you share life with. Get the help you need to become the RockStar in your world.




Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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