We’re launching a new road trip program this year and we’re extremely excited about it! It begins just outside Chicago and culminates at the Clinton, OK Route 66 Museum. Have you been thinking about enjoying the camaraderie of traveling with other bikers? What about if you could do it and enjoy great life-changing experiences from the Rocker Life Coach?
That’s what our 2011 Rocker Life Coach Road trip offers. Here are answers to some of your questions:
What is the Rocker Life Coach Road Trip program?
Each year we take a motorcycle road trip to a great, scenic destination. It’s a 4-5 day ride with stops for both pleasure and working on our personal life journeys. All stops are planned to enhance your fun and your learning experience. We will let you know ahead of time where we will be and when we will be there so you can plan ahead, telling family what hotels you’ll be at and when you will be there.
Where does this road trip take me?
Each year we take a different route. It is planned ahead of time. This year we will be leaving from the Chicago area riding most of the route on the old Route 66. It will be five days and four nights, ending at the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK.
What are the requirements for this trip?
There are a few absolute requirements:
• Skilled riders only for this trip.
• You must have a valid motorcycle license issued by the state in which you live and you must have adequate insurance covering your bike and liability insurance for other vehicles.
• You must have a motorcycle and be able to store all you need for the week on your bike.
• Your bike must be able to operate at 70 mpg safely as we take some interstate highways on this route.
• You must have the gear to take the trip in rain, or cold.
• NOTE: if you do not have the required bike for this trip, you can rent touring motorcycles from Eagle riders in many places.
We have a few additional recommendations (though not requirements) for the trip.
• We recommend you have a CB radio on your bike. It makes the communication better for us all.
• We recommend touring bikes, as they are set to carry enough stuff for a trip of this length but if you can make it on your sport bike, you are welcome to join us. There will be no trailing automobile with the group; we will be totally dependent on our bikes.
What is the life coaching part of this trip? Is this just a fun ride?
This is a ride for fun yes, but it is also a learning journey. We have fun riding close to 1000 miles over five days of travel, but we stop to learn about life. This is a full course designed especially for this travel regimen. It incorporates into each planned stop special teachings to help you learn and grow in your life. Each day we have two stops that are for both scenic and training purposes. We also stop for lunch together as a group. In the evening we have a time to recap our travels from the day and to preview what is planned for the next day.
This year’s theme is based on traveling the Mother Road – your road to success in life. The journey will be about your travel through life, what has meaning for you and why, and how to find the iconic treasures in life that will make you rich. We will provide a number of materials, including notebook for the journey with places for you to keep your own notes and space to add pictures.
How many people can go? Can I bring a passenger?
We have a limit of 10 motorcycles. More than that and it becomes hard to keep everyone together. Yes you may have a passenger. if you want to take the trip with your spouse or significant other, we encourage that.
Are there any restrictions?
You must be 21 to enter any of the places we go for drinks. You should have group riding experience. You must have an insured registered motorcycle (either your own or rented).
Will we have a chase car to carry our luggage?
This trip is about self-sufficiency. We do not plan to have a chase car. If that changes, we will inform you. Right now, you should expect to carry everything you need on your bike.
What does this cost?
The cost for the workshop is $1000. This includes all seminar materials, trip planning, and our Rocker Life Coach course designed specifically for this trip. This price does not include your meals, fuel, or lodging. We will provide a list of the where we will be staying and you may book there or find your own accommodations nearby. While we do not require that you stay and the same hotels, we strongly encourage you to stay near enough to participate in the various activities planned before and after each day’s ride.
Breakfast is on your own. Lunch and dinner are opportunities for additional training and reflection so we encourage you to join the group for these meals. We typically choose economical, homestyle or fast food restaurants to accommodate all our riders.
When is the trip?
We will be departing from a location to be determined just south of Chicago on Friday morning, September 23, 2011 and will end up in Clinton, OK, Tuesday September 27, 2011.
Where do I sign up?
Send us an email indicating your interest. We will send you return information. A $500 deposit is required no later than August 1, 2011. After September 1, 2011 we cannot return any deposits unless your spot is filled with another biker.
More questions?
Please email us at tim@timgillette.com for additional information. We will continue positing information about this exciting trip.

Until next time, I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach, asking you to Live, Love, and Rock Onl

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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