Over that past few months, I have had many other coaches come to me to ask how I build my business. They want to know my secrets. They ask if there is one thing that they can do to change the way they work as coaches to get the results I am getting.

So I decided to do a week that was really designed to help coaches, but it can help many others, from those who want to be entrepreneurs online to those who want to change the life and business they are in with a different system.

Now, I have studied and followed many people who have taught me these things and I want to take the next five days to share what I’ve learned from these people to create a system that works for me. If you apply them to your life and your system, they might work for you also. I hope this week’s topic helps you create your coaching system.

When I started to consider coaching, I approached three different coaches I knew and they gave me a brush-off when it came to talking about coaching. It was almost like they loved being a coach but wanted to keep the secrets to themselves to keep new competitors out.

Well the reason that I became a coach was because Zig Ziglar explained to me that coaching was helping others with the knowledge I had to save them from making the same mistakes I had made. That is what I did to help those who wanted build automotive businesses when I was working in that field. I learned the market, and then was always willing to coach them so they could learn without making the same mistakes we made. Kind of like being a parent.

So with that introduction, I want to share with you today how you need to have several different areas working for you as a coach to build a successful coaching business. They all start with two words that we use in all my teachings: entrepreneur mindset.

Today I want to start with the first step: you need to have a product to promote. There are so many places you can get yourself a starter course to help you with training. I started with something I had been working on since 2005 then I found an outline program to help me create the written part of my course in a matter of weeks.

I want to suggest three places that you can get help in creating your course to sell. Yes, you will need a course to sell. It could be for a small price as cheap as $47. Many offer then for $27. But this is a basic level you need to use to get your coaching out and here are places you can get them.

1. There are many people and businesses online that offer pre-made foundation packages where you can get many parts to start building your system. They do the writing and you just convert it with some personal additions that make it look like you.

2. PLR or Ghost Writers. The ghost writing industry is alive and well for those who want to create a product but just have no writing skills. The truth is all of the ways are mentioned here today is a form of ghost-writing.

3. Joint venture with another coach who has a program that you can sell or work to become a facilitator. There are great coaches who have put together a system to train coaches and you then become one of their certified coaches. I know Anthony Robins has something but do not know the details. John Maxwell also has a coaching system.

You need a basic course to build from. You will see over the next few days how important it is to make this a key ingredient to building a RockStar coach system.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream and love what you do and those you share life with. Find that starter program that helps others and become the RockStar Coach in your world.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

Tim Gillette, the mastermind behind Simple Easy Marketing, brings his expertise to the digital world with Simple Easy Websites . With years of experience in sharing valuable marketing tips and ideas through his blog, Tim has now expanded his vision to create user-friendly, efficient online solutions in 2023. Visit www.SimpleEasyWebsites.com to explore how Tim can help enhance your digital presence.

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