The story is told time and time again about the dreamer who tells everyone at the family picnic about how they’ve just started a business venture. The person is so excited to find something that they feel is part of their purpose in life.

Then it happens. The well-meaning friends and relatives who know every mistake he’s made in life are so quick to point out how it will not work this time either. Today we are going to face down the toughest challenge or barrier of all this week. That is the wall or barrier of people.

While planning today’s post, I looked for ideas in many different places; after all, I am a person who wants to see you succeed so I want to provide as much information as possible. One thing I read through was the lyrics of the song that I titled this post after, and it encouraged me to look for words that will tell you that your dream is out there for you if you will step out now to reach for it.

I watched the movie again about the Bethany Hamilton story, and watched how her family was so supportive of her. That support didn’t come just as a result of her challenges in life, but for her entire life before that, too. Having the right people to support you makes all the difference in the world.

I mentioned on Monday about how only 20% of those with a dream will actually take action on their dream and start that entrepreneur venture. Usually those that actually start have some strong people in their lives, people who encouraged and knew the right language to help bring success.

No matter what your dream is you will have to be one of those who takes action to make that dream happen. You are going to have to get up and try; and when you do, you will hit walls, you will find barriers. You will not know what they are until you hit them and each of us has different walls.

If you have had a life filled with people who told you that you could not do it, then you are here for a reason today and I am here to tell you that you can be successful. No matter where you’re from – the Netherlands, Canada, France, Australia, or the USA – it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter where you are or what kind of life you have had. You can still succeed.

If you have a dream and have not taken the steps to make it happen, maybe it’s time to talk with a coach to get some support. Today is the day for you to stop letting people be the barrier to keep you from success. People are going to be people; don’t let them be the reason you give up on your dream.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Are you ready to do what it takes to become the RockStar in your world?

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

Tim Gillette, the mastermind behind Simple Easy Marketing, brings his expertise to the digital world with Simple Easy Websites . With years of experience in sharing valuable marketing tips and ideas through his blog, Tim has now expanded his vision to create user-friendly, efficient online solutions in 2023. Visit to explore how Tim can help enhance your digital presence.

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