When is it the right time to share your opinions vs facts in your online content?

As the dumpster was being delivered for construction work on our new condo, I could not help but think of all the people who are arguing back and forth on the Distraction of the moment with our political world.

NO this is not my opinion on immigration and kids being taken from their parents, nor is it my support for Trump, or hate for Trump…

But lets talk about all those who have a great business and are using the new place of social media, blogging, Video, and all forms of the new media. Never before in history has it been so easy for everyone to create a broadcast, news channel, opinion show of their own. We no longer have to wait for ABC, CBS, NBS, FOX, or CNN to tell us what is going on. We can just tune into Facebook, Twitter, and many others to hear what is happening in the world.

Personally I stopped about 2 years ago getting news from the major networks, I read blogs, social posts, and watch online videos to find out whats going on. But even that is getting harder to discern what happened with out an opinion.

When it comes to creating content on your blog, youtube videos, Facebook Live, your podcast. If you are using your online media center to create business, then giving your opinion on the Distraction topic of the day is Bad for business.

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, you are entitled to that. But sharing your political view on whatever the distraction topic of the day is, will separate you from those who may want to use your business. Your online content should be leading people to do business with you. Once you get to know them personally maybe then you sit and discuss how you feel about distraction topic of the day. Once a relationship is matured its hard to hate someone just because they want to vote for the other candidate. Its hard to hate people in that other party if they are your close friends.

So dont use the marketing content of social media to throw out things will just start a fight. Because the conversation only ends up with fights, and really they should have just been thrown in the dumpster.

Today go through all your posts on social sites, look at your comments you made on someones post, and ask yourself “If I were looking to do business with me, and had the opposite belief, would I still want to do business with them?” If your posts and comments do not attract someone to want to click off social media and onto your blog, video, or come to your place of business to find out more, then delete them…

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Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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