Wait Do I Really Look Like
Tom Petty?

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Tim Gillette

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Blogger

The NOT Tom Petty Story...

Walking through TSA security at LAX airport. A TSA agent who was a big Tom Petty Fan stops me. Hey Your Tom Petty! Picture yourself having a hand put on your back as your gathering your stuff and ready to leave towards your gate. A TSA agent thinks you're his favorite guitarist.

That is where this journey started. In the weeks that would follow I would tell this story to another friend while getting ready to take the stage and speak at her event. She also a big Tom Petty Fan, would say did I ever tell you that you look like Tom Petty?

Over the next 6 months this conversation would happen over and over again. Then it was time to have the conversation with my marketing coach. After all he worked for a famous Rock n Roll band. I ask Craig do you think I look like Tom Petty?

The following week another conversation with friend David, he asked: Did you ever see if the website domain name "NotTomPetty.com" was available? That would make a great marketing tool.

So the domain was available and that is why you are here today. However in October of 2017 Tom Petty was rushed to the hospital and would leave us. Still it's funny to say Not Tom Petty, and it still gets some laughs.

Bottom line, find a way to market, and if you are told you look like a celebrity, then see if the NOT domain of their name is available. It's been a fun ride, BUT I'm still here to help you as good old Tim Gillette.

Hope to help you with your online content.

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