tree Did you ever plant a small garden? Maybe you were like my family growing up: my grandfather had a garden planted every year, right up till his last summer. I recall years of our family planting a garden, the stories of life that come from that time could last for weeks.

Yesterday I posted about how close we can feel to giving up, and how a few people think of giving up personally, of giving up life. More and more, giving up on a business is considered normal in our world. Giving up on a good job or a career at the drop of a hat because things are not going well this week is more and more common.

Right now the tomato plants my wife planted on our balcony are lifeless sticks just waiting to be pulled out. When the two of us are at home long enough we just might get to that so we can start our new garden for this summer. But let’s talk about this process of growth, the cycle of life and plants.

The Bible is more often quoted about planting, harvesting, growing than any other book. The process is not as short at it takes to read those passages about growth. We have to keep watering, we have to keep weeds away from our plants; we have many small tasks that must be done for a long period before we get the fruit.

So maybe today you did not get the money in your business; maybe today the sales did not come through. I was talking over the weekend with sales people who talked of how some industries require sometimes 10,000 calls to make one sale and the reward for that one sale pays in the thousands of dollars.

When I mentioned the topic of business suicide yesterday, it was because so many will give up long before the large rewards come. They will not keep doing what it takes to bring the large sales, to get the big payday that will keep the business going. They will plant the seed, water it for a few days, and expect endless fruit.

In my many references to music, here is another one that needs to be repeated. You, see those musicians or Rockstars who made it big put many, many, many hours into promotions and practice. They performed in front of small groups, holding open practices so people could hear them, just to get that one big show, to get the invitation to open for that bigger band.

So what are you doing in your business to water this plant, to bring up these seeds? Maybe you now see a growing green plant, but the fruit is not there yet. You still cannot eat from this plant- not yet. But if you do not maintain it, you will never see the fruit. If you pull this plant up by the roots and put it into the trash you will never see its reward. Giving up on the plant today just because there is no fruit is like committing business suicide.

RockStar  Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream to love what you do and those you share life with. What are you doing to make 2013 the year you Rock?

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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