We are well into our week of RockStar people, and I want to go to another one of those who walked up to me or who introduced himself to me at the RockStar Boot camp. Marcus Slaton was sitting at a table in the bar of our hotel and there were more than 10 people gathered around the table with him. From across the table he shouts to me and asks: “So who are you? I feel we should all know you.”

That is the invitation we all want: to give our speech and get attention. So I started to tell him about myself but I did not like talking over those at one side of the table so I walked around to talk to him directly. From a distance, Marcus has that look of the Southern California beach guy; you feel you will be part of the cool table in high school if you are his friend.

But when you get to go and talk with him, this man is not that person who you first pictured. He is down to earth; he is all about helping people; you feel like he is there to encourage and help you. It hits you that this is someone you need to know. Instead of him calling to me, I should have called out to him: “Who are you?”

Once I sat down, it became 20 minutes of telling stories. These were not about the cool stuff from school, not about how he looked like that cool beach bum. They were stories of how we help people. He wanted to know how I help people, how my message as a RockStar helps them to see the value in their lives. Then he asked if he could make some suggestions about how I could make a few changes and use that to impact another crowd that might not look to places like this blog for help. At this point he is becoming a new best friend.

Then the conversation switched to what he does and how he works as a coach helping people train for triathlons. He was another one who got me a copy of his book and signed it. When someone signs their book to you, it could say anything in it. When Marcus signs a book for you, he makes it personal. In my book, he wrote about life, the things we discussed, and how I could impact the world. Marcus did not have his books with him that night, so it was not a matter of him just grabbing something he had at hand. He had to bring it for me later.

He makes friends with you and spends time with you like a friend. He included me in his table and introduced me to all of his friends. Remember last week when we talked about actually making friends in networking then letingt them tell others about you? This is a man who lives that way.

Currently, Marcus has one book in print: Motivated To Tri. He told me about his future projects, talked about his dreams, his goals to help others. He is not a full-time person in speaking and writing as I currently am; he is a real estate agent in the Santa Clarita, California area.

So, just like everyone else this week I am going to tell you to get to know this man. His story about how he encouraged people when his own hopes for the race were lost are inspiring. I don’t want to give away his story from the book. Head over to this link and purchase a copy yourself. Find out why he is a great motivator when you “Tri.”

How to connect with Marcus: http://www.motivatetotri.com/ and his other site http://www.teedoff.com/ . Go visit him and tell him you heard of him on our site ( tell him he is a RockStar )

I’m Tim Gillette, The Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love your life and those you share it with. Build friendships with people who will encourage you to be the RockStar in your world.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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