Attention Event Planners, Event hosts, and Podcast hosts. 

Event planners, and hosts My name is Tim Gillette. I have created this page to provide you will all you will need to have me speak at your next live or virtual event. Also all you need to have me as a guest on your podcast, webinar, or masterclass. 

Please read to the bottom of the page to find what you are looking for. This page has headshots, logos, Event shots, short bios, speaking topics, as well as short marketing descriptions of topics. If you have asked me for a special topic that is off from the ones listed below. Please email me and my assistant to get specific topic descriptions. and 





When it comes to being introduced on your stage, podcast or event. It is my personal pet peeve to have someone read pre written introduction. Please read through the bio, the info on my site and put your introduction of me at your event in such a way that we sound like old friends. Thank you 



Head shots 

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Blogging Coach, Tim Gillette


Professional Speaker, Tim Gillette



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Blog & Video Con / Dallas, TX



Speaking Topics 

Below are the main speaking topics that I speak about. Again if you have asked for something different please email me and my assistant to have us write a specific description. 


The 2 word formula to being successful at anything.

This is a motivational type speech where Tim shares how a word on a card changed his entire life to drive him to be successful, and how you or anyone can use the same formula to be a defined success story for the history books. (This is a 15 to 30 minute talk) 

Marketing Description: If you could write down just 2 words that would describe your life what would they be? Are they the same two words you would have given when you were a teenager? Today Tim is going to share with you how just two words changed the direction of his life. Using two words Tim helps his clients, mastermind members and event attendees change their lives in a matter on minutes with just 2 words. Be sure and join us at ( your event name) and get the two words that will change your life. 


Repurpose your content, and make more money.

This is a great instructional talk to help your audience when they cannot decide if they want to create a Live Stream show, a Podcast, or a blog. You audience will learn a simple easy way to create one form of content and then use it everywhere. Tim walks the audience right through this process they need to do, even if they are new and don’t know what to create content about. ( this talk can be done in 30 minutes, or 1 hour talk. )

Marketing Description: Has the list of things you need to do online to market your business become a huge overwhelm? Do you wish there was a Simple Easy Formula you can do over and over again to get powerful over the top results online? Using the Simple Easy Formula you will see how you can use the tools out there just like Expert TV show hosts, and top online marketers have used to create Millions. Be sure and join us at ( your event) and get this simple formula and be on the way to becoming one of the top leaders in your industry. 


Simple Easy Branding. How to use consistent content to become known in your industry fast.

This talk will help your audience understand how they can build themselves as a brand online in a matter of months using a simple easy formula that we have used with many clients over the past 10 years to get them recognized and invited to be on Tv Shows, Radio Shows, Podcasts, and featured in other forms of media. (This is a 1 hour talk ) 



Simple Easy Automation. How to set your company up for success, with the right tools. 

This talk will help your audience understand how they can get more done by building the business they want, and then finding the automation tools that will serve their goals, and plan best. Help your audience reverse engineer the process of success to get to the level of success they want faster. (This is a 1 hour talk ) 



Please reach out if you would like us to make a custom talk based on the above information and your audience needs. We promise Tim will make the process of speaking on your stage simple and easy and take away the worry that many event planners have. 


Short Bio

Tim Gillette is the creator of Simple Easy Marketing, Branding, and Automation – An online marketing system designed to get result you want faster, with less stress. 

Tim is an award-winning blogger, best-selling author and highly sought-after speaker who brings entertaining, educational, and empowering content to corporate and entrepreneur events across America. Host of The Tim Gillette Show a podcast that induces the coolest people on the planet to you. As a speaker and trainer in the online marketing space Tim is the host of Simple Easy Events, a monthly Virtual event to help you shorten the process of content marketing. He also hosts Blog and Video Con, held in Dallas every November.

Tim resides in Dallas with his wife, Gwynne, and he has three grown children.