Mary Barnet Joins the Tim Gillette Show

Season 4 Episode 1 of the Tim Gillette Show, we welcome  MobileMary. We met 9 years ago at a Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp and now we get to catch up on todays show. Find out what Mary is doing now.

Learn about Mobile marketing, why you need to be building a list, a phone number list, an email list, and place you can connect with those who want to know more about you in a place that you own.


MobileMary on Tim Gillette ShowMary Barnett, known as “MobileMary” in the industry, is a Text Marketing Expert and a Mobile/Social Conversationalist and loves sharing her passion, innovative strategies and expertise on LIVE weekly video training on her Facebook page (TheMobileMary) #TextingTuesdays at 3 pm, as well as a Keynote Speaker on stages in-person and virtual for companies, industry associations, and business groups. She loves being a guest on podcasts as she offers action-packed value for listeners, and they always smile as they hear her “contagious enthusiasm” during broadcasts!

Your best customers want what you offer, but life is busy and distractions are everywhere. “MobileMary” helps you Instantly connect with them on their most personal device (their cell phone) with text messages that THEY WANT and they will THANK YOU for it! Another Brilliant Idea, Inc.’s software helps grow restaurants’ databases with happy and hungry customers and drives them back to increase orders that increase profits that will help them survive times like these with increased take-out and drive-thru orders.

Her company helps simplify marketing with tools, training, and teams, that help turn Connections into Conversations into Conversions! They give simple solutions that end the frustration and gets more results! “MobileMary” works with the U.S. Marines, Air Force, Restaurants and small business owners giving them Education, Encouragement, and Confidence to Show up and Be Seen as the Expert they are!

In her courses, “MobileMary” shares how to build a list without data entry, how to turn conversations into conversions, and how to simplify and amplify your marketing efforts with push-button easy and Brilliant ideas!

Many of her clients are established businesses, but they just don’t understand the full impact that Mobile and Social Marketing can have on their bottom-line. They might be frustrated with the ongoing changes online, but she breaks it down in simple terms, and either teaches them how to do it themselves (DIY) or she does it WITH them as a Trainer/Consultant or her company does it FOR them with her team that helps in all forms of Marketing from Social Media, Text, Email, Chatbots, Funnels, Websites, Apps and more.

She helps her clients be as Awesome online as they have been offline for years!

“MobileMary” is the immediate past-President of the American Marketing Association and also the owner of a certified woman-owned small business called Another Brilliant Idea, Inc., which has been a boutique marketing firm since 1988, with expertise in various online and offline marketing channels that have created brilliant results for their online, restaurant, retail, corporate, city and military clientele.


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