foursquare-logoThese are the 3 most important things in the real estate market. But this week the talk is not real estate. Its your location, as Facebook now has the location service to tell others where you are at. While these services and Apps for phones have been around for a few years now.

I personally use Foursquare, I never would have used a service like this before. In the past few years I have branched out in business. My partner and I have a real estate company. I am a life coach and both my partner and I tour a lot on our Harley Davidson.  When I first looked at the foursquare app I did not think, or worry about people tracking my every move.  it was an app that a person in the Coaching business used and it was a game to me. It does have good and bad to it but what on this planet does not. I like becoming the mayor of my local starbucks.

Rather then try to convince you of how bad it is and how many people old our young use it. I’ll let you know that is reversed in my family. I use it im going to be 44 next week. My daughter does not want to use it she is 22 and grew up in this tech world.  She told me she is not going to use it, But while I was away most of my summer on a motorcycle road trip, there were days that I had no phone service and Could not call her to let her know I had made it safe to my camp site for the night. There were times I could not call out to let her know the great sites I was looking at. What my daughter Jess liked was she could read on my Facebook page, or twitter where I was and whether im enjoying the trip our not. She could tell that I had made a destination that I told her I was headed to. She liked that I checked in. Then there were the 100’s of people I didn’t have to email and tell where I was that day. They could read my Facebook page and see where I was. Good things that I traveling man could tell about his life.  Worry if people know that im away from home.  Maybe you should screen who you have as friends and your privacy settings as to who could look at your pages.

Other good things I want to praise the services of four square, or the new location service of Facebook for. While on the road most of the time, im able to review a lot of places to their services. I own stocks in many of company out there. I was able to visit one of those company’s  to find out why my stock in that company fell more than anything else in value in the past year. Well when I check into these joints i tell what the service is like.  I do go to a lot of Starbucks, I meet my clients there all the time. I worked for Starbucks for years So I know how they are supposed to treat people, from walking in the door to getting a drink to how it taste to what I should be asked.  Well if I walked into one and was treated wrong, they did not care for me, or did nothing but complain about their boss. I made a note of this to tell others who might be coming there that there was bad service headed their way. More than once I have gone into a McDonald’s for a quick bite and been waiting for my food 20 minutes later. I want people to know this. I want these company’s to read what is posted about whats going on in their business when they are not at the front door. Now I have been to places where I Was treated so Good I did not want to leave, take the KOA campground I visited in montana, it was so good I stayed an extra day and told people how good it was.

Another good thing. I read each day of my friend JR here in Dallas, He is alway speaking somewhere about the good of the social media in business. He posts with foursquare to let people know where. Could you imagine finding out where you can get to a free seminar that tells where you could get some great advice for your business? I get theses tweets each day telling of online webinars. But the fact I can see them in my town and be there in person, then network with other business people in my town.

Well I could go on and on about the good things of this. yes we are an information age. We do share a lot about our private lives over the net. But the fear that has been placed in us by terrorism, the media telling us whats bad. Its time we use the tools that great company like twitter, face book, foursquare and many others have given us.

Oh and last stop by any morning to the Starbucks where im the mayor. Would be glad to buy a cup of coffee for you and chat about how to make your business life great.

Until next time Live. Love. Rock on.

RockStar1Rocker life coach

Tim Gillette




UPDATE :  So using the foursquare app this week was able to give the police check in information on the young man who thought it would be funny to check-in while vandalizing cars in the neighborhood. So these are great services. If you are going to commit a crime you might not want to use this app on your phone if you try to create an alibi later. Just saying.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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    • summer keen

      Foursquare was fun. My friend and I would try to beat each other to check in first at the different places we’d go to. Loved building up the points…yes, and getting badges!!

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