Good Friday to you all. Hope this has been a good week for you. As I’m traveling the states of North Carolina and Virginia today, I hope you are working on ways to use your beautiful mind to make your world better.

As I am taking this trip, I’ve found there are always things that could take away some of the fun. I left  on Wednesday morning, after a  storm came through the area. It forced me to look up the weather patterns for this trip. The first day of riding, it became cold. The temps were relatively warm, but the damp air, cloud cover and mist made it feel cold on the bike.

So I was thinking while riding on Wednesday that I was freezing. Then I saw a sign on a bank that said it was 84 degrees. This was not true; everything I had on me that could check the temps said it was about 62. But it reminded me of the story about how a man locked in an unplugged refrigerator believed himself to his own death.  He felt he was getting colder, and eventually gave up and died. I know what you’re thinking: “Great story, Tim. How are you going use this as a pick-me-up?” Well, riding and seeing something that said it was much warmer than it really was made me think of that story. Here’s how it relates to our theme this week.

Do you limit yourself by thinking something that is not true? Do you limit yourself by not believing you are actually capable of doing something? I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life and I admit I have had limiting beliefs when starting a new business venture a few times. I looked at the product or service I was providing and started to think that no one would buy that. Or that no one wants that from me. When you are in business for yourself, these kinds of thoughts could limit you. For if we doubt our ability to achieve, we are reducing our belief, which jeopardizes our success. And then as we get no results, we put less effort into it, eventually causing failure.

So let’s look at some things that could limit a person. I know of a man who limited his life by not thinking of ways to achieve his dream. He wanted to make movies but since he could not move to Hollywood (where he thought he had to live in order to make movies), he lost faith, and in his mind, he gave up. Then one day he was given the freedom to make a film for his company any way he wanted. He created a video with a story line while still sharing the info that had to be put in it. Thus he created the idea of making mini story lines for all of the info films for the ministry he worked for.

Then I know of the couple who could not have kids, they spent thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars trying all kinds of medical ideas to fix it. After all that money spent, all the lost hope, all the let downs, he leaves his wife and they get a divorce. Before they filed for the divorce they had tried to adopt children. Well after the divorce, she gets a call one day that there are two boys that would be perfect for the couple.

Cindy went in and talked to the adoption agency and told them she was now divorced. She worked with the agency to try to get the boys on her own, although at the time, it was very difficult. Still, she accomplished it and was able to adopt both boys. It was through the process of the adoption that she met a single lawyer and they are now married with the two boys. If she had given up and said “I will never have kids,” if she had not have been open to trying something that usually is not allowed, she never would have met her new husband, Ron.

Do you still have the faith that there might be another way for you to reach your dream?  If you feel some of your circumstances are holding you back from achieving your dreams, what are other ways to achieve them?

All over this world there are people who are so set on doing something one way. They are like the horse with the blinders on so they can only see what is in front of them. In my own experience, I have had to look for other ways sometimes to make things work to achieve my dreams. I am a black-and-white person. It’s a hard gift to have at times, to get so set on something only to realize it’s not going to happen the way I want it to. That’s when I have to stop and say “I’m not going to limit myself.” Then I start to think of other ways, and other ideas come about.

So today, after all we have discussed this week, the last thing to put into action is to remove the limits from your thinking. Do this by working through alternate ways to make what you want happen if it isn’t happening right now. If you are currently facing a problem and think you have hit a dead end, I want you to take out a sheet of paper and write down ten other ways you can make it happen.

With that, have a rocking good weekend. I’m headed to Virginia Beach for the day to hang with family but I’ll be back with a new topic next week.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to Live the life you always wanted, Love what you do and those you share your life with. Let us help you become the RockStar in your world.


Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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