Like The Way You Drink Podcast 

A fun podcast about Drinks and Food 

Recorded LIVE every Monday night with Gladys Boutwell, and Tim Gillette. Sharing the love we both have for taste. Not just the drinks, but when you pair the right food with the right drink thinks just go better. 

I hope you will join us live on a Monday night show 6:30 pm Central, 4:30pm Pacific. The show will air live in the window below.

Weekly Live Episode 

Recent Audio Episodes. 

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How this all started: 

Gladys and Tim met at a mastermind and started to talk about all the whiskeys we like. Then talked about food that would pair with it. The next day we brought in Whiskeys to share with each other and started to think about what food would go best with it. That was the point we said we should do a podcast about this. 

The idea was created August of 2021. Our first episode recorded Live on November 8, 2021. We record each episode LIVE on Monday nights, you can watch the live recording in the video above, or on on facebook page, or youtube channel. 

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Like The Way You Drink Podcast

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