Each week I work to come up with a theme as a different way to encourage you towards personal and business growth. Many people use sports stories, personal stories, and things like that to make you think. Some of the best stories to make you think are the parables told by Jesus in the Bible. And they’re still applicable in today’s world.

That’s the same concept I wanted for my lessons in Rock and my primary message has been to always look on the bright side of life, folks. We can take everything in this world positively or negatively; we can be motivated to change our lives for the better or we can let life’s circumstances make us angry and drag us down.

I want to leave you with something I started doing a year ago. Each and every morning I have three things I do to start my day. One is read from my Bible devotional; next I write at least one page of a blog or program material; and I do that while listening to my motivational play list.

I’m going to share my current playlist with you and since we all know that I’m a rocker, you’ll find a lot of rock on it. However, the list never stays the same; it changes from time to time. But currently these are the songs that motivate me each day. One thing I encourage you to do is look up the lyrics for at least some of these songs to see if any of them could motivate you, too. I’m not providing this list because I think you should recreate it; instead, I want you to think about what songs you love that motivate you and then build your own list.

  1. Who Made Who > AC/DC
  2. Thunderstruck > AC/DC
  3. Living on the Edge > Aerosmith
  4. Dream On > Aerosmith
  5. It’s My Life > Bon jovi
  6. Living on a Prayer > Bon Jovi
  7. With Arms Wide Open >Creed
  8. My Own Prison > Creed
  9. True Colors > Cyndi Lauper

10. Hard Sun > Eddie Vedder

11. Bring Me to Life  > Evanesence

12. Don’t Stop > Fleetwood Mac

13. My Way > Frank Sinatra

14. I Will Survive > Gloria Gayner

15. Power of Love > Huey Lewis and the News

16. The Climb > Miley Cyrus

17. Personal Jesus > Depeche Mode

18. Wild Side > Motley Crue

19. Kick Start My Heart > Motley Crue

20. Live Wire > Motley Crue

21. Ace of Spades > Moterhead

22. Rockin’ in the Free World > Neil Young

23. All Fired Up > Pat Benatar

24. Wave On Wave> Pat Green

25. Something to Believe In > Poisen

26. Let’s Go crazy > Prince

27. 18 and Life > Skid Row

28. I Remember You > Skid Row

29. Dreams > Van Halen

30. Right Here, Right Now  > Van Halen

31. Best of Both Worlds > Van Halen

As you read through that list you can see some bands have more than one song. I also know some of these bands have gotten reputations over the years as being “party-type” entertainment. But that’s why I asked you to look up the lyrics of many of these songs. When you read them, you can see in the words what the band was going through when they recorded and that can become a motivation to change my life for the better.

If you take nothing else away from this week’s blogs, I hope that you create a list of songs that motivate you and use them with the Core Statement, or Purpose Statement, about where you want to go in your life. Use them as part of your work to become a person who is changing your life for the better.

Here’s to your future. May it be better and brighter. Opportunity will come to you if you only look in the right places with an open mind and a positive outlook.

images.collages.netTim Gillette is the Creator of The Rock’N’Roll Keys to Business Success, using music, motorcycles and mentorship to create Entrepreneurs who lead. To find out more about upcoming webinars sign up here .  Free Online Training that Rocks


Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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