I have been working on this idea for almost two months. I’ve mentioned I was in Pennsylvania earlier this year, the state where I grew up. As I was on the way to the airport to return home, my mom (who was driving) allowed me to take a side-trip off the highway for a 30-minute meeting. It was to meet up for coffee with an old friend from my past, Brad K.

Brad and I met when I was a senior in high school. He would come by a place I worked. I thought he was just one of those cool dudes who everyone knew and liked. He dated a girl I worked with and we had mutual friends (as most people do in small towns). We were just two guys who would run into each other, and occasionally would hang out together at the usual places on weekends.

After high school, we got to be closer friends. We shared fun times, went to see the same movies, did some of those crazy things we yell at our kids for now. We also drank our share of alcohol. One night, we even had it taken from us by a police officer who learned we were under age. Somehow we sweet-talked are way out, and gave our beer to the cops. Within 30 minutes we had more. We were 20-year-old kids just doing what kids that age do.

Eventually, though, there was a time I knew it was time to leave this friendship. I realized I needed to stop the drinking, stop causing trouble and start acting like an adult. After I made that decision, we went for a long time where we just never talked and eventually we completely lost touch with each other.

This is why I’m writing this post today. It was through FaceBook pages that we reconnected after he was suggested by another friend as someone I might know. I added him as a friend, not sure where his life was or if he cared to even hear from me again. After all, the last I knew, he was a party person and I am not the type of partier we once were. Well we become FaceBook friends and started chatting back and forth.

So back to the day Mom and I stopped so I could see Brad after 25 years. The reason I provided some background about our earlier lives is this: Brad and I are two people who are the same today. We both have a wonderful woman in our lives, a partner. We both have kids and, while mine is older, our kids are the pride in both our lives. Sure, we still have a few things in common from back in our party days. We both liked cars back then. Now, Brad has his Corvette and although I changed and am not into the fast cars anymore, I now have the fancy bikes. We are both family men, enjoying lives with purpose, meaning, generosity, and are friends with everyone we meet.

As our 30 minutes of catch-up time was over, Brad made this comment to me: “It’s all ok. God has control of this life. While we may do some dumb things, God has a plan for our lives, and in His time He will bring His purpose into our lives when we need it. It’s all good.”

It’s all good. Say that to yourself when life has you struggling. When your partner walks out. When your kids curse you and say you’re a mean old man and don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s all good.

God had a plan for me: I moved to Dallas and there I met the people who guided me to have this business, to write the blog you are reading that was written to help you better your life. Brad went through a bad marriage as well, but now has a wonderful wife that is a perfect match for him to help raise his kids the way God wants them. It’s all good.

Brad, hope your kids don’t read about our mistakes until they are older. You’re a good man and I’m honored to call you friend. It’s all good.

Until next time, I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach, reminding you to Live, Love, and Rock on.


Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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