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Inner Circle Program

Exclusive One-Year Membership

Welcome to Tim Gillette's results-based Mastermind Mentorship Program. Over the past 10 years of being in business Tim has worked to help hundreds of entrepreneurs use online Content Creation to build and market their business. 

This program is designed to instruct, as well as motivate you to be successful; build your business online; and become a world changer using content creation to build your business and reach your goals. 

This is a group  program where you will receive more personal time with Tim than most mastermind programs of the same type. 

Please feel free to read on, to see everything you will receive for one very affordable investment. 


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The VIP Inner Circle Mastermind Program is a select group of entrepreneurs and business owners who have taken control of their success. Are you ready to take control
of your success?

This Inner Circle Program is for you if:

You want to grow a personal brand in any market
You're a speaker, coach or information marketer and want to know where to start with creating a brand
You want to reach a larger, more engaged audience
You want to be part of a group of industry experts and professionals
You want the grow and move forward with a group of like-minded individuals
Blogging Coach, Tim Gillette

Tim Gillette

Best Selling Speaker & Author

Tim Gillette's
Simple Easy Marketing
Inner Circle Masermind Program

Now is the time to take advantage of the what is the greatest opportunity to build your business online, to generate leads, and set yourself up for success. 

Right now everyone is spending hours online, watching youtube videos, and seeking opportunities to expand their reach. 

You need to take advantage of this, and start sharing what you do, and how you can help others with your skills using the internet. 

I have been helping people with creating a blogs, podcasts, and live stream video with our Simple Easy Marketing online system for years. Building an audience now setting yourself up for success. 

This program will be helping you create content using Blogs, Live Stream Videos, Shows, Podcasts, creating sales and marketing processes that make your content work for you. 

Tim Gillette's

VIP Inner Circle Mastermind Program

This program is an Exclusive ONE-YEAR  Mentorship Membership
The following is a list of everything you will receive as part of this program. 

 A Private 1 on 1 Mentorship session with Tim.

One-on-one, 5-hour private mentoring session to work on your brand, blog, and video marketing plan for your business. These meeting take place in person at Dallas home office. 

Two 2-Day Mastermind Retreats 

A roundtable 2-day mastermind session where you get to brainstorm and work with other like minded successful people helping your to grow your online business. With other special trainings, and business building opportunities.  

Unlimited Email access for your blog, video, and online marketing questions. 

Email access to Tim for all you blog, video, and branding and marketing questions. 

VIP Plus Access to All Simple Easy Marketing Live Events. 

Attend Blog and Video Con, Simple Easy Marketing Summit, Simple Easy Marketing Mastermind Experience, and Simple Easy Marketing Local Meet-ups as a VIP member, which includes all that comes as a VIP with the event.

Bring a spouse, partner, or employee with you for free. 

Bring a spouse or business partner to all live conferences, and 2-day mastermind retreats.

Facebook Private discussion group.

You have access to everyone in the program, to share your blogs, videos, and get feedback, and help in your marketing your blogs, videos, and events. this group will also have recordings to all calls, and trainings. 

Weekly Group accountability calls 

Almost every weeks jump on a group Zoom call to stay accountable. Helping each other to get results with online content creation, marketing and business building. All calls are recorded on Zoom and saved to the facebook group for future reference. 

Monthly Advanced trainings Classes. 

Advanced training on topics like Building funnels, and how to market them, Live-streaming, how to be effective with live video, Email list building, how to build community. Podcasting and repurpose your content. and Zoom/Webinars/and Tools. 

Guest appearance on Tim Gillette Show podcast

Become a guest on our popular Podcast show Tim Gillette Show and use our audience to promote you and your business. 

Private portal with recordings of all past trainings 

Access to a portal with the recordings of past Blog and Video Con, and Simple Easy Marketing Summits. 

Access to the Simple Easy Marketers Club

This program includes 12 months access to the Simple Easy Marketers Club. 



I Authorize Tim Gillette Media LLC to charge my credit card (s) as indicated in this enrollment form for a one-year membership in the Inner Circle Mastermind Program. 

I understand and commit to working with total integrity, honesty and confidentiality with other members of this Inner Circle and Mentorship Group of like-minded top achievers. 

I understand, and agree, that, by completing this enrollment form, I will have my credit card charged ( or check cashed ) for the entrance fee rate described on the enrollment form for my inclusion in this private and exclusive program. 

I understand and agree that, by completing and signing this enrollment form, I am enrolled in the Inner Circle Mastermind Program, and I am committing to a full twelve (12) month period in the program from the date entered by me on this enrollment form. 

I further understand and agree that if, for any reason, I choose to remove or cancel myself from this program prior to the end of the (12) month program dates, I am obligated to pay or continue paying any outstanding balance (s) for the entire twelve (12) month period from the date I entered this enrollment form. I understand this is a 12-month, non-cancelable commitment and I understand the program details described on this website. 

Further, Tim Gillette Media LLC has the sole discretion to terminate agreement and remove any participant from continuing in the program at any time without a refund if the participant is disrupting the program or is difficult to work with, becomes difficult to work with or ceases to follow the Tim Gillette Media LLC guidelines. If done so, there will be no refund to the participant. 

By checking out and paying for the Inner Circle Mastermind Program, you agree to all these terms 

You may only cancel this transaction at any time prior to midnight on the THIRD (3rd) BUSINESS DAY after the date of transaction. To cancel this transaction, submit a written Cancellation notice by mail, or email to address below. 

Tim Gillette Media LLC 

11450 US Hwy 380, 

Suite 130-422

Cross Roads TX 76227

Time to Invest In You and
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By acting now on this deal you save $200 per month on your first year. Take advantage of this deal before the timer above hits zero. 

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