Goooooood Wednesday morning to you. I do that with the voice of Robin Williams from the ‘80s movie,Good Morning, Vietnam . I think of what life is like on the road, or what life is like for a soldier who must fight in a foreign place and misses home. I think, what do we really consider our home to be?

In the mid to late ‘80s Motley Crue had a power ballad named,Home Sweet Home. I remember the video to this song as well as the Bon Jovi song,Wanted Dead Or Alive. I know of many songs over the years that have touched on the subject of life on the road and wanting to get back home. Some of these bands write the songs based on their experiences of long periods away from home.

I know all about life on the road, as I travel many miles each year for this business as Gwynne does for hers. This morning when I woke up, it was a rainy morning outside and the rain continued as I wrote today. The feeling of being in my warm bed, in my warm home was great.  When traveling, it’s not always warm and comfortable like that.

When I was younger I heard the story of a man who built his home in a place that was so wonderful he called it heaven. He hated to get up and leave in the morning to go to work and could not wait to return home each night. To keep his life in proper place, he would touch this tree outside of his home each morning while leaving and then again each evening when returning before entering the home. His child asked why he would touch that tree. He told him when he left each day he would say a prayer, putting his home and family in God’s hands; touching the tree was a reminder it was his home. Then, when he returned from work, he touched the tree and thanked God for protecting his home, and left the worries of the world outside his home, with God.

In my life of always creating one business or another, I have so many times worked from an office inside my home. To do this, I had to create my home to be that place I loved to be so much. Home to me is like that comfortable old pair of jeans. You love how soft they feel on your skin; you love the comfort they bring. They are your jeans, no matter how ugly they are to others, no matter how many holes you have in them they are such a comfort to you.

As I am sitting here writing this today I’m wearing one of those pairs of jeans like that. They have a hole in one knee and each time I stretch my knees I feel them tearing just a little more. They are comfortable; I feel at home in them, like I could be myself in them and it does not matter what others think.

Now look at your home. Maybe you have kids at home still; maybe you are like us and share a home with your parents. Is your home a place of comfort for you? If you must travel for a time, are you able to make that place like a home to do the work you need to do? You must have that place you call home, that becomes a spot of love for you. Look around and see if you can make some improvements to make it better for you today. I make my home a place of comfort to always be the best I can be. I’m always making improvements just like in life. But it’s my home, sweet home.

I travel many times a year to different parts of the country. When I do that, I have to make many other places home for a week or so while working there.  I find those safe havens I call home on a temp basis make for a vacation feel, yet a home feel. One of those places I travel is Phoenix.  When I’m there, I have a place I stay, with Jason and Katy, and they make me feel at home in their home. When traveling through places like Lubbock, Texas, I stay with my friend Shawn, who makes his home that comfort place for guests like me when we’re there.

The idea taken from the song today, Home Sweet Home, is you need to make your home that place you hate to leave and when you do leave, you cannot wait to get back there. This has made all the difference for me. In those years where I had to live in a less than pleasurable place, I turned it to a comfortable home fast. It keeps me peaceful and my creative world flowing. I hope you have built your home to a place you love, and you can call it “Home, Sweet Home.”

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach; it’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Make your home a heaven on earth, to live like a RockStar in your world.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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