Good Thursday morning to you. We are on the downhill of our week of power ballads and the great love stories we make of them in our lives. I had so many songs that I wanted to put into my blogs this week, but in just five days it is tough to fit all the hundreds of songs with a loving meaning. Today I wanted to feature a great song from the band, Warrant. This also gives me an opportunity to recognize another singer we lost in the past year. When most people think of the band, Warrant, they immediately think of the song Cherry Pie.  In my searches I can find all kinds of information on the web about that song.Heaven was the other famous song from the band, a ballad.

I wanted to use this song because it could have two different meanings about the word “love.” In the beginning of the song one line states “I don’t have to be the king of the world, as long as I’m the hero of this little girl.” This gives you the idea that the song could have been written about a father’s love for his daughter, or a young couple in love where the man could call his lady his “little girl.”

While the song could lead you to believe it’s meant either way I wanted to use it to talk about the love of our family in general. When my daughter was younger, we spent many years separated due to the way things ended up from divorce. While I worked at many things in my world, I wanted to become my little girl’s hero. I knew I was not a perfect man; I know I still need to grow up in ways in life. But one thing could be a driving factor to anything to be the hero of my little girl. Even now while I’m getting ready to be married again to Gwynne, I now want to seem like a hero to both my daughter and to my wife to be. It’s like a driving force; if that one thing works out, life would seem like heaven.

This song makes me feel as if the world we live in, or the relationships we build, more than the house we live in, are what can make our world heaven on earth. In another part of the song it says, “I don’t need to be a superman, as long as you will always be my biggest fan.”  When giving your loved ones a hug, maybe watching your young children asleep at night, seeing them breath in bed while sleeping, there is a great peace in knowing they are your biggest fans and now they are able to sleep because they know you are there.

Now, I know that my dad was not superman; he made his share of mistakes. But still to this day there are so many things he did that made him a hero to me. I see how Gwynne loves her dad, how he loves me and accepts my daughter as one of his grandchildren. He may not be superman, but to Gwynne, to Jess, and to the others in his family they are super fans of him. I know that when Alfred was up to visit my family after my dad’s death, my family jumped to accept him and make him part of the family. From my brothers, to my mom, to my dad’s sisters, they all love him and accept him as family.

Now, as I said in the beginning, I’m not sure if the song was meant as a song to a young girlfriend or a young daughter. But I’ll say that I have a love for Gwynne that defines a kind heaven to me, and I’m sure to Gwynne Jess and I are part of a home of family relationships that matter. Take this time in your life and start to build relationships that matter. Those are what make your world a heaven for others to be envious of.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dreams, to love what you do and those you share life with. Build relationships that make your life heaven, then you will be living the RockStar dream.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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