It’s a wonderful Wednesday morning here in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. While there are things I think need improvement up here, the beauty of the land is a wonderful thing. To see the trees blooming, to see the wonder of the river at the Delaware water gap is awesome. I was able to ride my bike up through the park on Route 209 here the other day. It made me think of today’s theme, Green.

When we hear the word green in the market today, it refers to items that have a minimal or limited damage to our environment. I know 20 years ago when I started to hear environmental people talk about ways to leave less of a footprint on our world after we are gone. I didn’t think much of it then but a few years ago I was out with a boss on a sales call and we stopped to get an oil change at his car dealer. They had an entire board explaining how the dealership was a “Green Dealer.” Everything in the use in building, including its construction, to the way they handle business, from products, to waste was green. They had it all explained.

This week we are talking about how to improve our lives by designing an ideal for ourselves. While I thought about that, the memory of that dealership came to mind. Many of us are starting to think with a purpose of our planet in mind, with the thinking that the planet will be here after we are gone and suffering or benefiting from whatever we’ve done to it during our lifetimes. We can get behind the planning of that – how to take care of our planet for the long term. Well, we need to plan also for our own lives, for the long term, including ways to make our lives less stressful. Think of how beautiful your life could be if you make a plan for your life as a whole, not just your next move.

Yesterday, we talked about being our best, planning for a successful life – not just planning a successful season. Imagine that car dealer. A lot of planning went into making that place a true green dealership there. Imagine the engineering needed to make that happen. Now look at your own life. How are you planning to make it a successful life, ideal, doing what you want, enjoying the people you share your life with? Make your life as beautiful as your favorite place to visit, just like the beauty of the land up here where I have been spending my month.

You may be saying “This sounds great, but how do I do that?” Well I’m going to give you three things today to think about to plan a green, or beautiful, life that is ideal to you.

  1. Find a passion about our world. Think of the community you live in, what is going on that you have a passion about?  I personally like motorcycles, and coffee. When I travel on the road, I visit Starbucks coffee shops on the way. They offer a consistent coffee for me when I have long days on the road. They offer me wifi so I can access the internet. However in my travels there is not always a Starbucks close by. Where I’m staying currently the nearest one is more than 15 miles away, so I look for local coffee shops. These are great places to use my other passions: meeting local people and talking with them about important things that matter to them. I am determined one day to write about conversations in coffee shops. You need to find a passion that you can get behind. This is my way of meeting new people, a passion of mine, but maybe you like to go camping or hiking. Whatever it is, find some way to design that into your life.
  2. Get involved. No matter in what way, you need to be involved in your local community. I know when I’m at home I often stop to talk to those in need to find out about things happening in their lives. I meet many people in Dallas who are really searching for answers right now. They are struggling with small choices. I get involved with them and we talk. As part of my travels, I got involved in another community last year called It’s a worldwide community of people who share couches or guestrooms.  I got involved by opening our home to a number of people who were coming through town and needed a place to stay. And I’ve also been able to stay in others’ homes. It gives me a chance to visit local places and to learn about the towns I visit in my travels, whether for business or just motorcycle trips for pleasure.
  3. Become an action person. As you find a passion and get involved you need to take action to always make things better. This week, as I’m winding down the work I’m doing up here each day I start with an action plan to get things done. When I tell someone I’m going to do something, I follow through on my words. When you commit to being involved in something, do what you see needs to be done. When you do this, be ready for lots of people to ask you to help them get things done. As an action person soon you will see people turning to you as the “get it done” person. So be careful to not over commit yourself when starting out. The truth is whether it’s a life change or something we’re doing for our community, we can get over-excited about what we are doing and overdo it.

As we wrap up this idea today, it is good to have thought about how we treat our world. There is great beauty here in our country, and all over the world. We need to take action to keep it a wonderful world. But let’s not get so wrapped up in the world we forget to plan our own lives. Find your ideal, find your beauty and make it a long term thing, like your lifetime.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach, writing to you each day to get you to Live the life you always wanted, Love what you do and those you spend your life with. Let us help you become the RockStar in your world.


Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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