Are you ready for another exciting week? I have wanted to talk about this theme for some time. I have looked at the subject of wisdom for so many years. My research goes back to when I was a young man and heard a certain Bible story in Sunday School.

It’s the story of a young man who was anointed king, following in the footsteps of his father who had been a great king. In a dream he is asked to make one request of God. In today’s world so many of us, when asked to make a similar request, might choose power, money, or maybe a long life. The men in his day would likely have made the same requests, but not this man. Solomon asked for wisdom.

When we look at what wisdom meant to him, it comes down to being able to make the best choices, having the common sense to make the choices he knew he would have to make as a young king. They say he was a teenager when he became king. Imagine a modern teenager being given the responsibility of running a country. Imagine being asked to make that choice yourself as a teen.

As I look at my own life when I was young, knowledge and wisdom were something I lacked. Over time I learned wisdom and started to make better choices. I learned from my failures in most cases. But many times I placed myself in those shoes, and wondered if God were to ask me to make one choice would I ask for wisdom.

As I got older, that became my prayer. I wanted wisdom, I wanted to learn to have the common sense to make the choices I needed, and make them fast. So many people I know tell me they have to run home and pray about a choice. I am not putting down the prayer part, but I wanted the wisdom to make the right choices at the moment. You may see that as different; I see it as asking once for wisdom and getting results for a long time.

So this week I will tackle many things on the word wisdom to see what I think it is and what others think wisdom is. I will share ideas and places to get the wisdom you need. I will share ideas on how to have the wisdom when you need it, how to change your life to become wise.

I will also talk about some of the issues that have jumped in front of us recently and give time to the idea of applying wisdom in the world as we handle these issues. I look forward to a challenging week, as I have some tough research to do and will present you with great thoughts on getting wisdom in your life.

So read now, come back each day, share with your friends, send out a few emails and tell people you know who will be interested about this week’s theme. I invite you to send our link to your Facebook and Twitter pages to introduce the idea of wisdom and let’s start a conversation about it.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Get wisdom that makes you look like the RockStar in your world.

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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