This week it has shown up on several news sites. So many people are now doing a review of the book that Steven Siebold wrote about how the rich people think vs. how poor people think.

There are many different points that Steve brings up in this book. I have seen two articles reviewing it. One article provided 21 ways and the other featured 15 ways. But trust me. There are more ways than either of these articles could possibly share. There are more differences than could be told in this small post. Today we are going to cover the two that deal with this weeks theme.

I know so many people who tell me they don’t want to hear about how the rich get rich because it’s only making us poor. Guess what. The rich getting rich is not the reason others are poor. Yes I said that, and I would stand behind that statement.

Many years ago I heard the idea we need to share the world’s wealth. If we did share the wealth, if we took all the money from everyone in the world, and spread it evenly among all the people in the world, within a matter of two to five years all those who have the money now would have it back.

I know some do not want to hear this, but it’s true. You see this book that is mentioned so much this week tells the reasons why. Rich people think differently. And are you ready for my big bang? This is not all about money! The rich of this world are not the ones with all the money; they are the ones in control of their money. By far I am not part of the billionaires or millionaires of the world. And I do not believe those that have millions or billions need to give more to help those who don’t have a lot of money. The key is exactly what this theme this week is about, going back to school to learn. Do you want more learn more.

It comes down to an education. Two of the points in this book need to be added to this week’s theme. Ready? Here they are:

1.       The rich educate their children about money. That is right. Those that are rich teach their kids how to handle money. They share things like how to invest for a future; they share how you don’t buy fancy cars or fancy houses when you cannot afford them. They teach how to use debt to make life better, and how not to use debt. I know many people who are in debt and feel bad like they are doing wrong. Guess what? That debt is a tool just like money is a tool. Now, how are you educating your kids about money? Are you teaching your grandkids about the ways to use money?

2.       Rich people invest in education, not entertainment. That is right you will see those who are rich investing in learning. You will not see most people who are rich going to a show, attending a movie, or spending foolishly if they do not have the money to do so. You will see many books in their home, they are always learning more about money, always growing. They know one thing that is true about life we all need to go back to school and learn, no matter where we are.

Now the thing that needs to be addressed here is what kind of education we are talking about when it comes to the rich learning. If you want to start learning more about how to invest, how to start businesses that work I recommend Steve Siebold’s book. I also recommend you get a few others to see if you need to go back to school when it comes to money. Here are a few:

These are just a few. This is a back-to-school education that will change your mind about money. I have said it many times: we do not need more people to share their wealth; we need more people to create wealth for themselves. If you have no money coming in then go to where the money is coming in and get in the path of it.

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Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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    • Clyde Cooper

      This is so true, I would love to help instill some basic principles to poor people to expose and teach their kids what they didn’t learn about money, saving and planning.

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