Well October is finally here and we are headed down the home stretch of 2011. I’m making my last ditch effort to achieve those goals that I set back in January, the ones I adjusted back in July. The truth is, I’m already working on 2012. I am setting my goals and planning the things for next year that this business was not ready to do this year.

But before I focus on that over the next few weeks, this week my honey and I are out riding. We are working on an effort to achieve one of the Harley Davidson ride challenges we’ve signed up for this year. Here in Texas this fall, 41 of the Harley shops put together a ride challenge called the Passport Ride. Each participant is given a booklet (a passport) with a page for each participating dealer. Our goal is to get a stamp in our passports from each dealer. At each dealership, we fill in an entry for a chance to win a new motorcycle and if we hit all 41 dealerships, we get an additional 41 entries. All this is along with the three or four other riding things we are doing this one has a short time frame. So when Gwynne planned some of her vacation time for us to ride together, this is what we chose: visiting as many of the dealerships as possible – the ones we can’t reach on a Saturday afternoon ride.

So this week’s blogs will feature some random thoughts from the road since I’m writing each of these posts from our camp each night.  We are actually tent camping most of the nights of this week and today’s idea comes from a church sign I read on the road near our campsite. It said “Pray for rain; carry an umbrella.”

I think of this when hearing the story of the revival preacher who is asked to bring his revival to the town and to pray for rain. He shows up and the first thing he noticed was no one had an umbrella. As he walks to the stage he asks if anyone in the room has the faith to believe his prayer will make it rain.  Everyone nods their heads up and down saying yes. Then the preacher says, “If you had believed that my prayer would bring rain you would have brought an umbrella with you.”

How many times in your life have you asked for something in prayer or told yourself you wanted to achieve something and not had the simple faith to bring the umbrella? Last week, we talked about the game of life. In the book that I got that concept from, one of the things mentioned was taking a step in faith. It tells the story of a young woman who is asking for prayer to get a new apartment. After she gets up from praying she says, “I’m going to go buy a new set of curtains for my new apartment.” Well she ended up getting that apartment.

We all need to take a few more steps of faith to stand behind what we are asking for. Yes I’m praying for rain in Texas, but I’m also praying for and planning for 2012 and the places I’m going to be taking Rocker Life Coach. In preparation for that, I want to let you in on two things that will be out yet this year. Starting this month every week there will be a video blog on the Rocker Life Coach FaceBook page and the YouTube channel. Then in November we will launch our Saturday morning blog talk radio show. I have some great guests lined up to finish out this year and get you excited to take a step of action in planning your new life in 2012.

Well it’s time to get some sleep. Morning comes early and we not only have to make our beds, but pack them and our tent up and load them back on the bikes. We’re rolling along.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to live the life you always dreamed of, to love what you do and those you share life with. Why not get out and become a RockStar in your world?

Tim Gillette
Tim Gillette

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