Emily Letran joins the Tim Gillette Show

Season 4 Episode 5 of the Tim Gillette Show

Today we welcome Dr Emily Letran who joined our podcast to talk about her success. Emily was a refugee from Vietnam who came to the US at the age of 13. You can find out about that in her book “From Refugee to Renaissance Woman”.

Dr Emily LetranDr Emily is a successful Dentist who owns two multi specialty group practices in southern California. She is very accomplished woman, and well as a successful mother of three. Dr Letran is an author of several books. “From Refugee to Renaissance Woman” shares her story coming to the US as a refugee at 13 years old, and her newest book, “Commit to Embracing Your Big Life” offers insights and strategies to building a strong  business . Dr. Letran is also a Certified High Performance Coach, helping business professionals achieve highest performance in personal and business life, streamline business and increase profits, winning back time from work so they can enjoy that time with their family, children and pursue their passion.

Most of all she is full of wisdom as you will notice in the video, please enjoy this podcast as one of the most fully packed information podcast episodes.

To find out more about Dr Emily please be sure to check out her website. www.AmericanDreamCoach.com 






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